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There have been many diets in the past that seem to rely on just one food or a small group of foods. The Grapefruit Diet and the Cabbage Soup Diet both come to mind under this category. In theory, relying on one food is not going to work, but it depends on that food. As you can imagine, eating a lot of grapefruit could work, but could also fail due to boredom. The Burrito Diet hopes to change that by offering a plan a bit different while centering around a specific food, but in a whole new way.

Burritos may not sound like a healthy diet option, but it all depends on how you prepare them. You can prepare them in an unhealthy way, or you can tweak things so that you are eating something that is tasty, good for your body, and gives you what you need from each of the food groups each time you eat. That means once you know how to prepare these burritos, you do not have to give your eating plan much though. Some prep time is advisable, of course, but it gets easier as you go.

With the Burrito Diet, you will not be hungry. This plan allows you to eat every three or four hours. If you are sure you are adding the right amount of protein and fiber (all natural hunger repellents), you will have no trouble avoiding snacks in the hours between meals. Not only does this stop you from being hungry, this allows your metabolism to stay in a higher gear. You burn more calories throughout the day this way.

Through the Burrito Diet, you learn portion control without too much effort. The trick is to find the right foods to put into your burrito (there are more options than you may realize), and the size of the tortilla shell that you use. You use only what food fits on one tortilla shell for each meal, thus eliminating calorie counting. If you over-stuff your burrito, the excess will fall off when you roll your burrito and pick it up. You leave that which fell alone and do not eat it. If you do this, you have found the right portion for each of your meals.

There are many extras offered with the Burrito Diet that you may find helpful. It depends on what you already know or do not know about foods and diets. The Burrito Diet program, which you can buy for $47 at, includes the Burrito Diet Program book, The Burrito Diet Quick Start Video, “Finding Your Why” Audio CD, The Burrito Diet Guide to Fast Food, The Burrito Diet Meal Planner and an extra recipe book. You will get tips on appetite control, information on carbohydrates, and some tips for getting exercise. You can also learn to rethink all you have been taught about fats and weight loss. This may not be the ideal diet for everyone, but no diet is. If you love burritos and can imagine yummy alternate fillings to keep things fresh, the Burrito Diet may be the plan for you.

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