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While many diets are centered on a single ingredient, one of the best known is the Coconut Diet. Although other foods are permitted, this diet includes coconut oil as a major staple. The author of "The Coconut Diet", Cherie Calbom, says that consuming coconut oil can promote "effortless" weight loss while you still eat all of your favorite foods. Unfortunately, however, most diets that allow for this type of casual dieting typically have very poor weight loss results.


The coconut, aside from being a delicious fruit found in tropical locations, is also one that offers many health benefits thanks in part to the fat and oil found inside. Not only is the coconut a staple in tropical flavors, experts have concluded that the health and trim size of the majority of tropic populations may have something to do with the incorporation of coconuts into their diet.


Unlike many quick fixes for weight loss, the Coconut Diet offers individuals the chance to learn how to incorporate this healthy food into daily life so that optimal health and fitness is reached. Adding coconut oil into the diet on a daily basis not only reduces many common ailments such as high cholesterol, but it also boosts metabolism and energy levels, which are usually the first things to shut down when engaging in many “quick fix” diet programs. For those dieting on a low-carb diet plan, the use of coconut oil has been known to offer beneficial supplements for both internal and external health.


When dieters hear the word “fat”, it sets off a red flag. However, coconut oil is a healthy and beneficial fat that is good for the organs and other parts of the body. On the Coconut Diet, four tablespoons of pure coconut oil are taken each day, reducing the desire for unhealthy trans-fats found in many daily foods. Using coconut oil is also simple, since it can be used on salads, in shakes and other drinks as well as adding it to a variety of other healthy foods. Even individuals who do not wish to go on a diet per se will enjoy improved eating habits by substituting coconut oil into cooking.


There are many pros to using the Coconut Diet to not only lose those unwanted pounds, but also gain a healthier diet including helping cure ailments such as chronic fatigue, aiding in digestive health, reduce cholesterol and even improve skin appearance. The cons are few - cramping or diarrhea if incorporated into the diet too quickly. To reduce these side effects, begin using small doses at first and gradually build up to the four tablespoons per day recommendation.


The cost for the Coconut Diet varies depending on what quantity of oil is purchased. The 120-count soft gel capsules with organic coconut oil may cost anywhere from $15-$25, and the purchase of various popular coconut diet plans range in price from $14-$20.

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