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 Eco-Atkins is the vegetarian-friendly version of the ever-popular, low-carb Atkins Diet. With non meat-eaters in mind, Professor David Jenkins at the University of Toronto developed Eco-Atkins – a high protein diet that uses plant proteins and healthy fats that has similar weight loss results as the original Atkins Diet, but without all the meat.


The Eco-Atkins diet claims to have average weight loss results of one kilogram, or 2.2 pounds per week. Not only is this the recommended rate for healthy weight loss, participants also experienced significant reduction in their blood cholesterol levels.


Foods Included in the Eco-Atkins Diet

The Eco-Atkins diet recommends consuming 150g of protein daily. Sources of protein come predominantly from soy, nuts and grains. Other foods types included in the diet are foods that contain soluble fiber such as oats, barley and fresh fruit, and foods that contain “good fats” including macadamia nuts, almonds, avocado and olive oil. Eco-Atkins is a vegan diet that does not permit dairy, such as cheese and milk.


Health Benefits of the Eco-Atkins Diet

It is very likely that you will lose weight on the Eco-Atkins diet as long as it is combined with exercise. A weight loss of one pound a week is modest, but the health benefits of this diet are significant. By following Eco-Atkins you can significantly lower LDL cholesterol and improve insulin resistance thus improving insulin sensitivity, lowering the risk of diabetes, and achieving healthy cholesterol levels.

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