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Because the "discovery" of the hormone Leptin is recent, there is not a lot known about it. Some research has been done, but it is not nearly as extensive as research done on other hormones of the body. None the less, some feel that a Leptin Diet is the answer for some people who have problems with this hormone. Leptin is known to help with not only appetite regulation, but with metabolism rates as well. Those are two key things in any diet, so it makes sense that learning more about it could be beneficial to anyone wishing to lose extra pounds. The Leptin Diet can also help fight against aging and promote overall good health.

Leptin, in the wrong amounts, can lead to food cravings, overeating, and a slow metabolism. You don\'t have to think too hard to realize these are huge problems. Leptin is produced by fat cells, and when you have too much Leptin, the body can begin to ignore it (called Leptin resistance) and produce even more. That then multiplies the problem. If left unchecked, extra weight stays on the body and more will be gained. Leptin tells the body to stop eating, but when there is too much, that message is lost.

Some suggest that the Leptin Diet, a diet developed by Byron J. Richards and published in his book "The Leptin Diet: How Fit is Your Fat?", is much like the low carb diets that have been popular in the past few decades. This diet suggests eating a lot of protein and carbs low on the glycemic index is the way to go. If you have ever been on Atkins or South Beach, you may have had the benefits of Leptin control without knowing it. However, the Leptin diets you may find are not going to be just like either of those. Some food accepted on Atkins and South Beach are not recommended on the Leptin diet.

There are five rules to following the Leptin diet, but they are all things you should discuss with your doctor. They are a bit different than other diet rules you may have followed in the past. One is to eat only three meals a day. You should never eat after dinner or go to sleep with a full stomach. The diet recommends small meals which should be eaten slowly. A high protein breakfast is a must. Lastly, restrict carbohydrates in other meals of the day.

You should know more about the diet than just those five rules, as they are very vague. If you want to try this diet, you should always find out as much as you can so you know you are doing it right, and also, talk with your doctor about the pros and cons of this eating plan. Some people have medical conditions that could become worse on such an eating plan. You want to lose weight for your health, but you do not want to do it on a plan that makes other aspects of your health worse.

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