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As with any diet which promises fast weight loss without much work, a dieter has to be skeptical. Since dieting is hard work and certainly not something that works for everyone, it seems that perhaps big promises are not to be trusted. The SunSlim Diet, created by Dr. Joy Siegrist, is a diet which promises to help people lose weight quickly and safely by encouraging the body to find metabolic balance in the body. But does the SunSlim Diet work? Here’s what a dieter needs to know.


What is the SunSlim Diet?

The basic premise behind the SunSlim Diet is that the body needs certain foods in certain portions in order to burn calories and keep weight in a healthy range. Without any pills, powders, or strict food requirements, the diet is said to help dieters lose up to 70 pounds in a short period of time. All a person needs to purchase in order to start the SunSlim Diet is an eBook which is available online for about $25. The diet promises that the dieter doesn’t have to make any major lifestyle changes in order to be successful, a strong selling point for tired of dramatic diets and plans. No special foods are needed either, and all of the foods in the book can be found in local grocery stores.


Benefits of the SunSlim Diet

The first benefit that many dieters will find with the SunSlim Diet is that it’s simple to follow. The diet plans are carefully laid out in the book, helping the reader prepare their meals and a grocery shopping list for each week. This is helpful to those dieters who might have a busy lifestyle and not enough time for complicated recipes or plans. The SunSlim Diet also includes everyday foods, so the grocery cost will not be extensively more than it may be any other week. Dieters will also find that the SunSlim Diet allows them to eat larger amounts of foods on some days, giving them a ‘break’ from days when calorie counts may be lower.


Downsides of the SunSlim Diet

Like many diets, the SunSlim Diet is one that seems to avoid the recommendation of exercise. While this is understandable for a ‘diet,’ studies have shown that those who exercise in addition to changing one’s diet are more successful at long term weight loss. Another concern of the SunSlim Diet is that this diet does not seem to encourage significant lifestyle changes, which may be what has caused the weight gain in the beginning. Some may find the diet to be slightly restrictive, especially in the beginning. Those who do not enjoy cooking may also have troubles with the recipes included.


As with any diet, the SunSlim Diet has its benefits and its downsides. In order to lose weight, one must change the way they approach food as well as the amount of exercise in their life. The SunSlim Diet might be a good place for dieters to begin, though a long term perspective must also be encouraged.

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