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TLC Diet

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The TLC diet is supported and endorsed by the American Heart Association. This is a simple and healthy diet. This is a diet aimed at cutting fats like saturated fats. The way it works is this. You choose your caloric level. If you want to lower the LDL level make your calorie count 1800 female and 2500 male. If you notice we don’t automatically say 1800 to 1200 that most calorie restricted diets jump to unless you are wanting to shed pounds fast.


The TLC diet isn’t a ‘diet’ perse. It is a way of living. It is a diet habit for life that will give your body the nourishment and therapy it needs to live and prosper. This is why so many medical establishments like it.


If your LDL cholesterol had not dropped by the 6 week mark you will need to unblock the intestines. This may be why this is not happening. It is imperative that you make the intestines as plaque free as possible by taking higher fiber in the form of whole cereals, green vegetables and fresh fruits. This should be done throughout the TLC diet for weight loss and good health as well as LDL cholesterol.


What the TLC diet was developed for initially

The TLC diet was geared to heart patients and diabetics as well as those who had a hereditary cholesterol and triglyceride issue to keep it under control. The diet has now been touted as a weight-loss diet. But the TLC diet has not had any real control studies done to confirm it’s weight loss claim. However, any low fat and high fiber diet like this will shed the pounds fairly easily. So, we can actually call this a weight loss diet with confidence.


How to use the TLC diet for weight loss

You can lose weight on this if you follow the aforementioned for the 1800 calories for men to 1200 for women but take heed to make sure the fiber intake is strong enough as well as the protein consumption in the form of lean poultry etc.


As with any diet, you should have an initial blood test to get a baseline count. Once that is done you will know better how to attack the situation. You can opt for more flavorful food and a menu to suit your needs better. This TLC diet is not meant to be boring, it is more meant to be a balanced way to eat regularly and keep your body systems in check while you lose the weight.


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