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Avoid Skipping Meals

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Skipping meals doesn’t help with weight loss - it slows down your metabolism and can actually cause you to gain more weight. If you are wanting to lose weight the best way to start and maintain weight loss is to establish a healthy eating routine. This means having at least three meals a day, with one or two light snacks in between. Meals can be very low calorie, and should contain fiber and protein so that you feel full and stay full for longer. Of course, try to make healthy food choices, such as adding as many fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet as you can. Also, keep sodium (salt) to a minimum.


Fact! Many dieters think skipping meals can help them to shed unwanted pounds, but it actually does the opposite. By denying the body of calories, you’re also denying the body’s metabolism, thus slowing it down. A suddenly lowered caloric intake will force the body into “starvation mode” where it conserves calories from what you’re already eaten, and slows down the metabolism, thus storing more calories as fat. Skipping meals actually causes you to GAIN weight!


What’s more, skipping important meals, such as breakfast, can actually lead you to consume more calories later in the day because you are hungrier than you normally would be. The best way to cut calories safely and healthfully is to eat 4-6 small meals throughout the day, giving your body a steady flow of calories to keep your metabolism going strong. You help to optimize your metabolism by feeding your body multiple small meals throughout the day.