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Bontril is a popularly prescribed form of brand name weight loss drug that contains phendimetrazine as the primary active ingredient in its formula. This medication is in a group known as sympathomimetic amines, which function in many ways that are similar to amphetamines. This type of drug is also referred to as an anoretic or anorexigenic medication.


The way that Bontril works is that it provides the central nervous system with stimulation. This is the area of the body that is made up of the nerves which connect with those in the brain. By stimulating them, it can trick the brain into thinking that the appetite has been decreased through an increase in heart rate and blood pressure. This way, you’ll feel more full even when you haven’t eaten as much.


Bontril Diet Pills
Bontril 105mg
30 Tablets (1 Month)


Bontril 105mg
90 Tablets (3 Months)




How Bontril Works


This medication has been carefully designed to provide obese patients with a tool to allow them to learn the proper healthy lifestyle choices that will encourage weight loss, but without the unpleasant side effects of dieting such as hunger and fatigue. That said, it is meant to be used only over the short-term so that the habits can be built. The pill itself does not cause weight to come away, but must instead be combined with a proper diet and activity routine that will likely be prescribed by the doctor at the same time that the medication has been recommended.


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What You Should Know About Your Bontril Prescription


It is also likely that the doctor will insist on regular appointments to make sure that the diet and exercise routines are being followed successfully, and to know that the Bontril is working properly and safely. It is important to keep these appointments as the dosage, diet, or exercise levels may need to be adjusted at various times throughout the use of the pills to make sure that they are as effective as possible.


Though the pills cannot be used over the long-term, they do help to make sure that by the time they are no longer being used, the proper lifestyle habits have been well established. This will make them much easier to maintain without the assistance of the medication so that the pounds will continue to come off, and the goal weight will be maintained without a struggle.


To make sure that you are using Bontril in a way that will lead to the best results and that will be safest for you, read the directions carefully and follow them precisely. If you aren’t sure what any of the instructions mean, contact your pharmacist or doctor to have them explain it to you.

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