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Foods That Reduce Cancer Risk in Children

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One of a loving parents’ worst nightmares is when their child gets seriously ill. Unfortunately, millions of people all over the world have to deal with this tragedy anyway, despite the precautions that they take. What’s interesting is how a person’s everyday diet is now being linked to cancer reduction and production. In fact, nutritionists have actually highlighted some specific foods that reduce cancer risk in children and adults. Adding these foods to your daily menu might ultimately make you and your family much healthier in the end.


1. Broccoli: A Kid’s Best Friend

Okay, so getting your kid to eat broccoli because it is one of the foods that reduce cancer might be a bit of a challenge. Still, there are numerous ways to encourage your child to eat healthily. Pour some organic cheese over the top or add the broccoli to a soup to make it more appealing to kids. It is important that you get creative with your mealtime because broccoli is a terrific source of glucosinolates, which are simply protective enzymes that optimize cellular structures. 


2. Garlic Pizza Anyone?

Sprinkle some garlic on your kid’s next slice of pizza and rest assured that you have provided him or her with one of the best foods that reduce cancer. It may make their breath smell bad afterwards, but that could just be used as an opportunity to teach them about the importance of oral hygiene. Garlic is replete with antioxidants that can fight cancer cells and prevent your child from ever developing a life-threatening illness.


3. Satisfy Their Sweet Tooth with Succulent Strawberries

Speaking of healthy antioxidants, ripe strawberries just so happen to be a good source of those, and as it were, they are also one of the tastiest foods that reduce cancer in children and adults. These red and delicious berries also have a high content of vitamin C, as well as cancer-fighting ellagic acid, which boosts enzyme production. In fact, recent studies have shown how children who eat enough organic strawberries are less likely to be affected by environmental pollutants and certain genetic factors which may cause tumors in the future.


Before offering your child any of the foods that reduce cancer, be sure to speak with your pediatrician or with a certified nutritionist. Children are still developing and may have certain allergic reactions to some foods. In order to provide your kids with the best possible menu options, take the time to get to know your child’s dietary needs.


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