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5 Ways Music Positively Influences Healthy Habits in Children

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The world can be a rather unpleasant place sometimes, but as parents it is our job to show our children the beautiful aspects that still exist. One great tool you can always use is music. Indeed, it is the language that unites us all, and it can also help you to instill healthy habits in children who might otherwise have to learn the hard way. There are several ways in which music can be a positive influence on your curious little one, but here are the top five:

1. Say Goodbye to Temper Tantrums

Putting on some soothing music can help you and your children alike to unwind; and once you demonstrate this for your kids a few times, they will begin to do it for themselves. Creating healthy habits in children requires you to give them some tools to make their own good or bad decisions from time to time. A nice break with some relaxing music playing can help your child calm down and assess the situation with a clearer head.

2. Say Hello to a Smarter Kid

It has been proven time and time again that children who are exposed to music or who participate in some sort of musical lesson actually end up having a higher IQ than those children who do not. A child with a higher intelligence will more than likely make better decisions. Your decision to create healthy habits in children by playing music or providing music lessons will benefit you tenfold.


3. Create Creativity

Your children will be a lot more inspired to do creative things when they are able to experience creativity firsthand through music. Playing music for them while they do homework or work on an art project will help nourish their minds in a way that will ultimately translate positively in their day-to-day lives.


4. Teach Them to Listen

Music creates numerous healthy habits in children, including the priceless habit of listening. Your kids will learn how to slow down their racing minds and raging hormones in order to hear all the different instruments and melodies within a single piece. If they enjoy the music, their attention spans will be expanded even further.

5. Instill Worldly Appreciation

Children are more likely to understand things about different cultures when they hear or learn music from different parts of the globe. Since all human beings have the same basic emotions, music can get your child in the habit of being more empathetic in an otherwise cruel world. Exposing your kids to beautiful and diverse music is one of the best ways to create more well-rounded adults.