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Why Should Americans Drink More Coffee?

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Millions of Americans enjoy a hot cup of joe as part of their morning routine, but recent studies are now showing how those die-hard java fans should actually drink more coffee than they already are. A mug full of delicious coffee can give you the energy you need to make it through the day, but modern research is showing how it can actually give you much, much more. So why should Americans drink more coffee? Let’s find out.


1. Coffee Can Burn Off Excess Body Fat

In America, millions of people are overweight or obese. Regardless of the reasons why, it seems as though those who drink more coffee than others typically have a significantly lower body mass index (BMI). This is because coffee actually awakens the metabolism while getting the blood pumping to vital places such as the cardiovascular and digestive systems. In fact, some recent studies have even shown how drinking coffee regularly can increase a person’s ability to burn fat by as much as 10%.


2. Coffee Can Make You Smarter

If you are what you eat or drink then you should probably drink more coffee. Researchers have clearly illustrated how this hot beverage can improve cognitive function, spatial memory, and creativity. It works because coffee is actually a stimulant (even caffeine-free versions). A stimulant is something that has a pretty noticeable effect on all parts of the body. The next time you want a quick brain and body boost, pour yourself a cup of coffee.


3. Coffee Gives You Essential Nutrients

Most people drink coffee because they need more energy. That energy is expended on living a busy and hectic modern life. Because of this hustle and bustle, a lot of folks don’t get the vitamins and minerals they need each day. As a result, we see deficiencies of all kinds pouring into doctor’s offices around the nation. However, those who drink more coffee than others are seldom the ones in the waiting room. It turns out that just one cup of joe contains:

· 2% of the daily recommended value of Magnesium
· 2% of the daily recommended value of Niacin
· 3% of the daily recommended value of Manganese
· 3% of the daily recommended value of Potassium
· 6% of the daily recommended value of Pantothenic Acid
· 11% of the daily recommended value of Riboflavin

Speak to your doctor for more information about what coffee can do for you.