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10 Foods That Promote Eye Health

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If you are concerned--or thinking ahead--about maintaining or improving your vision, then you want to include foods that promote eye health. You really are what you eat in this regard, as certain foods have a direct and dramatic impact on how your eye health. If you include these helpful foods in your diet, you can improve your eye health now and protect it in the future.


1. Sweet Potatoes: These dietary gems are loaded with vitamin C and beta carotene, both of which are extremely important to eye health. You will learn to love these as a healthier alternative to potatoes, offering key health benefits to your eyes specifically.


2. Carrots: You probably heard about the correlation between carrots and better vision when you were a kid, and this was correct! Carrots are one of the foods that promote eye health directly, due to vitamin C and a whole host of other nutrients that help to maintain better vision and eye health.


3. Oranges: By far one of the best sources of vitamin C, oranges can directly improve your vision. You will help to protect your eye health into the future if you consume oranges regularly and enjoy them as part of your normal diet.

4. Kale: This is a superfood for a reason, and it doesn’t appear to be any passing fad. Due to the powerful antioxidants in this dark, leafy green, it contributes to lasting eye health.


5. Eggs: These provide substantial amounts of not only of protein but also of substances such as lutein that are directly responsible for better eye health. If you want one of the best foods to promote eye health, then be sure to include eggs in your regular eating plan.


6. Red Peppers: Just as citrus fruits are loaded with vitamin C, so too are these appealing, vibrant peppers. The high vitamin C concentration places them amongst the best vegetables and overall best foods for better eye health.


7. Brussel Sprouts: These, too, are loaded with vitamin C, which has a direct impact on your eyes. So if you want some of the best foods that promote eye health, incorporate these leafy greens into your diet on a regular basis. They are good for your overall health as well.

8. Nuts: Vitamin E is at the heart of what makes nuts so good for you. When you realize how healthy nuts are for your eyes and other aspects of your well-being, then it becomes a no brainer: You want to include nuts in your diet and will notice long-term improvement in your eye health when you do.


9. Fish: We know that fish is good for your health and your brain, but it is good for your eyesight as well. The omega-3 fatty acids for which fish is known can help to protect the eyes against any health problems and to function at their best.


10. Whole Grains: You may not think of whole grains as a type of food that promotes eye health, but they are. These grains are loaded with zinc, which has a direct and significant, positive impact on eye health. If you include true whole grains in your diet, your eyes will benefit.