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The Latest Nutritional Guidelines for Cholesterol

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For the longest time, people all over the world have thought that they knew all about the nutritional guidelines for cholesterol. We have all been told for decades that cholesterol in our foods can cause significant damage to our bodies, but a new report is stating otherwise. So, while millions of people continue on with their day-to-day lives as though nothing has changed, indeed much has. As a matter of fact, everything you thought you knew about cholesterol has been completely reversed at this point.


The Debate over Dietary Cholesterol

This year, there are some pieces of outdated information that are most likely going to be removed from the books. For instance, within the 2015 edition of Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the previously adhered-to limitations are going to be completely rewritten. While the debate over these dietary restrictions is still going strong, experts are now saying that the new guidelines for cholesterol point to the fact that dietary cholesterol is not actually a potential threat to a person’s overall health.


The Hole in the Theory

Recently, a review was made on the current guidelines for cholesterol and some pretty interesting bits of information were discovered. It turns out that the link that was previously made between dietary fat and death wasn’t quite understood. Because of the misunderstanding, it had been recommended for a person to reduce the amount of fat and/or cholesterol they consumed on a daily basis. What’s been seen now is the exact opposite, and so experts are claiming that the recommendation should have never even been made.


Filling the Hole with Misinformation

Because modern science has misunderstood the basic principles which dictate the current guidelines for cholesterol, some pretty big mistakes have been made in terms of the way we manufacture and consume our food. For decades we have been removing the fat from our foods through industrialized processing, and to make matters worse we have been adding in sugar to replace this hole. The result has been nothing short of a massive pandemic of obesity, liver disease, diabetes, heart disease, and even death, plaguing millions of otherwise health-conscious people.


Fixing the Problem

Monitoring your LDL and HDL levels is a vital tool for fixing the damage that might have been done to your body from this misinformation. It is important for you to speak with your healthcare professional to find out more about your individual guidelines for cholesterol. By keeping an open line of communication with your doctor, you can become privy to any changes in the future.


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