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McDonalds Nutritional Information

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By clicking on the McDonald's menu items below, you will be able to get valuable McDonald's nutritional information about the nutritional value of many items on the McDonald's menu. This information is for your own personal knowledge and may be useful for those counting calories, grams of fat, and other nutritional values, such as for a Diet Diary.


The McDonald's nutritional information can also be used as part of a calorie-restricted diet, known as the McDonald's Diet. Although much easier to follow than some other low-calorie diets, the McDonald's diet is not considered nutrtionally balanced and is not recommended as an effective weight loss programs for most people.


Nutritional Information for McDonald's Menu Items:

Choose McDonald's Menu items below for their individual nutritional information:


Please Read this Disclaimer by McDonald's:


Percentage Daily values are based on a 2,000 Calorie diet. Your Daily values may be higher or lower depending on your Calorie needs.


Please note that the ingredient disclosures contained in this section relate to the menu items available at McDonald's Restaurants in Canada only. Availability of product and sizes may vary by region. Ingredients and nutritional information for McDonald's regional and test products are not included. The lists in this guide are also subject to some variation depending on local supplier and the season of the year. However, any differences would be slight, since all products served at McDonald's - and provided by our suppliers - meet McDonald's strict specifications and standards of quality.


From time to time, McDonald's reviews the recipes of its menu items and makes changes to the recipes in an effort to efficiently serve you great tasting food at good value. During any test period of a new recipe, and also during the phase-in period of a new product, featuring a new recipe, some restaurants may continue to offer the product based on the previous recipe and other restaurants may offer the product based on the new recipe.