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You've probably noticed that Phentermine isn't as easy to buy online as it was in 2004. The DEA has cracked down on shady operations calling themselves “online pharmacies.” One of these operations even employed the owner's illegal immigrant cleaning lady to sign their “doctor's” name for prescriptions. Other companies sent loose pills in baggies in manila envelopes from India.


The unfortunate truth is that because these companies chose money over customer safety and satisfaction, the government has shut them down and made it illegal to buy phentermine 37.5 without a face-to-face, in person consultation with your doctor.


Now that I'm done spilling the bad news and raining on peoples' parades, I'll reveal the good news.


Recently, a new diet pill has hit the markets to replace Phentermine. Phentramin-D is available online legally without a prescription, and it's chemically similar enough to phentermine to provide equal or stronger appetite suppression and a mild energy high. The energy is not the same as phentermine though, as Phentramin-D is not in the amphetamine class of drugs.


Unfortunately the diet pill market is full of scams and in reality, only a few diet pills actually do anything to help you lose weight. Most are just caffeine pills in disguise. We recommend that you compare diet pills reviews before you buy as rated by customer feedback and reviews before you buy anything.


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0 # still out thereLia 2012-10-16 18:51
There are still some pharmacies out there that let you buy Phentermine online, so it’s not like it has been cut off completely. You just have to do your research and find one that is good and reputable.
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0 # better offAnne 2012-09-29 14:57
When all is said and done, most of us are better off with phentramin-d anyway. I know that some people still do really need Phentermine, and that it works great for them, but if you can do it without the strong drugs and side effects, that should really be the first step.
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0 # phentramin-d helpschefmel 2012-07-07 00:44
Since the FDA has made it such a pain in the butt to be able to try to get Phentermine in any convenient way, it’s really a lot better to just use something like phentramin-d. I find it cheaper, anyway, which is important because I don’t have a drug plan, so I pay full price no matter what pill I’m using.

They don’t work exactly the same, but having used both, I can say that the difference is so minimal that it’s worth the savings and the extra convenience of being able to get it.
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0 # way easier to get phentramin dCuJo1992 2012-06-30 14:27
I tried looking around to see if I could find somewhere to buy Phentermine online even before I went to see my doctor. It had been my intention to get it but I didn’t want to get the prescription and not be able to order it online. But no pharmacies seem to sell it anymore. So I just asked about Phentramin-d instead. It’s probably not quite as strong as the prescription but it’s far easier to get and my doctor didn’t have anything to say about it other than not to take it too close to bedtime.
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0 # RE: tobetinytina 2012-05-25 22:30
Is this only for the generic form of phentermine, or does it cover all of the brand names like adipex, too?

Is there a place where you can get diet pill information for prescription drugs and where it is legal to purchase them or is that a resource that hasn't been created yet?
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0 # RE: brightstar 2012-05-15 00:33
Even with a prescription, you can barely get this online
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0 # good to get rid of bad pharmaciesspeeddemon 2012-03-21 00:04
It sucks that Phentermine is hard to get online but it’s worth it to get bad pharmacies off the internet. If I buy prescription drugs, I want to know I’m getting the right stuff and that it’s fresh and that it’s meant for me.
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+1 # get phen-d insteadchar 2012-02-23 03:19
I took this as a hint that it was time to try something that is just as good but easier to get. Phentramin-d was my solution. :-)
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0 # probably goodKraftyJo 2012-01-31 03:40
As much as it’s a pain in the backside to get Phentermine online now, it’s probably a good thing in the long run. The thing is, you want to make sure that you’re getting the real thing and not something freaky or expired. You also want to make sure that you’re getting it legally. If your doctor hasn’t prescribed it for you, then there’s probably a reason for that – likely that it would be dangerous for you in one way or another. So it’s inconvenient, but it’s likely better that there’s a challenge involved.
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0 # Phenterminetracy1976 2011-12-21 04:50
Of all the prescription weight loss pills, Phentermine is by far the best one out there. It's really the most effective.
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0 # tobetinytina 2011-10-26 03:48
after having used Ionamin, which is pretty much Phentermine but in a different brand name, I can see why they're making it harder for people to get this drug online and why they're trying to cut back on scams. This is a really serious drug and if it's taken wrong or if you don't get the real thing it can be dangerous.
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0 # ffviifan 2011-10-12 00:35
It's important to pay attention to the source of pills no matter whether you're buying Phentermine or any other kind of medication online. Even if you're just buying multivitamins or something like that, you have to be very wary of scams, make sure you're getting the quality, and that your information is safe in their purchasing system
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