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Cortislim Diet Pill Review

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The diet pill Cortislim may be something of which you are already familiar as they have had extensive advertising programs on television. This pill works with what it calls a natural hormone in your body that may be working overtime to add fat to your body – most notably your midsection. There are a few problems with Cortislim, including a hefty fine by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for making false and unsubstantiated claims about their products effectiveness, but you can judge for yourself if you think this is the diet pill that can help you finally lose the extra weight you have been carrying around with you.

If you do not know what Cortisol is, you should learn more about it. This hormone is considered to be the body\'s stress hormone, and it can do a number on your health in many ways. Stress in excess is bad for you, and weight gain can be just one of the things that can happen when stress is out of control and the body is producing too much Cortisol. This natural hormone is helpful in keeping blood pressure and and the immune system running properly. It also is responsible, in part, for glucose metabolism. These are all important functions and they can be out of control if Cortisol is too high.


Those with too much Cortisol can indeed run into some very serious problems. These can include the cognitive functions of the brain malfunctioning and blood sugar levels could go way out of whack. Thyroid function could be thrown out of whack resulting in slower or faster metabolism – usually lower. Cortisol can also contribute to muscle degeneration and bone density problems. As you can see, those are all things that can be bad for the body, and may contribute to poor health and fat storage.


Review of Cortislim Original Ingredients

*Note: Cortislim makes more than one type of diet pill. The ingredients listed below are the ones found in Cortislim Original Formula.


  • Vitamin C - Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, however there is no scientific evidnence that it enhances weight loss.

  • Calcium - Recent studies have found that consuming medium to high levels of calcium in conjunction with a calorie-restricted diet may result in increased body fat loss.

  • Chromium Polynicotinate - Chromium polynicotinate is a common diet pill ingredient, however there is little evidence that it helps people to lose weight.

  • Leptiplex Proprietary Blend - Leptiplex Propriettayry Blend contains Green tea and bitter orange (Advantra Z). Both of these ingredients are stimulants that increase metabolism and boost energy levels.

  • Cortiplex Proprietary Blend - Cortiplex Proprietary Blend contains Beta-Sitosterol, L-Thanine and Magnolia Bark. Beta-Sitosterol is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps to lower cholesterol levels. Theanine is a compound commonly found in tea and some mushrooms and is used as a natural treatment for anxiety and stress. Finally, magnolia bark extract standardized for honokiol content is also used as a natural treatment for stress.

  • Insutrol Proprietary Blend - Insutrol Proprietary Blend contains banaba leaf and vanadyl sulfate. Banaba leaf extract helps to stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels. Vanadyl sulfate is the common form of vanadium that is thought to act as an insulin-mimic, however there is no scientific evidence that suggests it aids weight loss in any capacity.


From the review of Cortislim\'s ingredients you can see that this diet pill approaches weight loss with three proprietary blends. The Leptiplex blend contains stimulants for increasing metabolism and thermogenesis, the Cortiplex blend contains natural anti-stress compounds and the Insutrol blend works to stabilize blood sugar and insulin levels. Sounds pretty good, doesn\'t it? Well, unfortunately, there are some pretty big misses with these diet pill ingredients.


Cortislim and Weight Loss – Do Cortislim Diet Pills Work?

The main focus of Cortislim is to reduce levels of cortisol in the body. It tries to do this with the natural products theanine and magnolia bark extract. There is debate as to whether these products are even effective, but even assuming they are, there is still a problem with Cortislim\'s approach to weight loss - weight gain is not necessarily caused by being stressed out.


If you are someone who has a large amount of stress in your life and you tend to accumulate body fat in your middle region, then Cortislim may be worth a try (for more information about how cortisol can cause excess body fat accumulation, see the article "Weight Gain and Stress". Cortislim offers a way to control some stress and lower the amounts of Cortisol in the system. While this can be a great thing, it may not do enough for most people to lose weight. It might be a good idea to talk with your doctor before trying this if you think stress is an issue for you and you would like to try this pill for that reason. You may find it does not work for you, or does not do much for weight loss. However, for some people, it might be the nudge they need to get noticeable weight loss results. Make sure the ingredients are safe for you, and the give it a trail run.

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