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Hoodia Rush Review

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Hoodia Rush is a diet supplement that claims to harness the magical weight loss properties found in the Hoodia plant. This supplement is free of the troublesome and dangerous ephedrine, and claims to help a person take in up to a 1000 fewer calories a day while helping the dieter lose up to two pounds a week. This is a realistic weight loss, but some suggest that any hoodia supplements that you find in the US are not the real thing.

Our Hoodia Rush diet pill review started with checking its CITES. This stands for Convention On International Trade in Endangered Species (of Wild Fauna and Flora). That is a mouthful, but it basically means an organization that protects plant life from overuse or extinction. If any product containing hoodia is not approved by CITES, it may not contain real or pure hoodia. Hoodia is a protected plant as it is rarer than some supplement makers would have you believe. There are different species of hoodia, but only one contains the appetite suppressing molecule P57 of which you seek. The official website for Hoodia Rush shows a CITES report, however a little more investigating is needed to find out if that is actually the hoodia they use in these diet pills. Weight Loss Center will update shortly on this. 

Update on Hoodia Rush CITES Report

 June 03, 2009: The CITES report posted on the official Hoodia Rush website lists the hoodia importer as Herbal Teas International. When Herbal Teas International (HTI) were contacted to confirm that they are actually the suppliers of the hoodia used in Hoodia Rush, HTI replied with the following:

"The CITES certificate is legitimate. However, there are two issues. We did not supply this company directly with our Hoodia gordonii. They most likely had it manufactured for them by a company called Sharper Innovations in BC, to whom we supplied this particular Lot. Most contract manufacturers do not share their customer information with us, so it is not always possible to confirm exactly which marketer is using our product.

The second issue that I think may be relevant is that if this is in fact the material supplied, it will now be over 3 years old. This in itself may not be a problem if it has been stored in good condition. However, there is no way to prove this."

In light of this new information, this review of Hoodia Rush has now concluded that there is no way of identifying whether the hoodia they use in Hoodia Rush is actually the hoodia referred to in the CITES report on their website. Even if it is, your still buying three year old hoodia, which is a bit questionable at best. Use your best judgement.

According to the advertising, those who take Hoodia Rush should expect to experience less hunger than usual. Hoodia Rush diet pills should suppress appetite for up to six hours, allowing the dieter to eat less and lose weight. The claim is that hoodia works to block the receptors in your brain that tell you that you want to eat more or that more fuel is needed. As you can imagine, this can stop most of your mindless snacking and overeating each day, and should result in weight loss. 

There are a few safety issues to keep in mind if you want to try Hoodia Rush. This is not something that should be taken by a woman that is pregnant or nursing. Pregnancy is not a time to diet, and you need extra calories while nursing. Some people with high blood pressure problems, thyroid disease, heart disease, diabetes, or problems with the prostate may have some bad side effects that could turn dangerous. This supplement can also interact with certain prescription drugs with a dangerous outcome to the dieter. Always talk with your doctor about any supplement to be sure it is something you can safely take in your current medical state.

Hoodia Rush and Weight Loss – Does Hoodia Rush Work?

The pros found when reviewing Hoodia Rush is that it does show documentation that suggests its hoodia is CITES certified. If this is true then Hoodia Rush contains at least some, if not all, of the real hoodia cactus that contains the appetite suppressing molecule P57. One of the largest drawbacks to buying Hoodia Rush is its price. Retailing at $69.95 US for a one-month supply is a steep price to pay for any hoodia diet pill, so you better hope that the hoodia is genuine. The other con to Hoodia Rush is that it is not yet able to tell you how much of the P57 molecule is contained in each pill. Until this test is complete, it will be very difficult to evaluate Hoodia Rush’s ability to suppress appetite without actually testing the product.

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