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Slimvia Diet Pill Review

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Each diet pill you find on the market tries to work in a different way to get you to stop eating and to lose weight. Slimvia is a pill that offers 3-5 pounds in weight loss a week by trying to make the body feel full after eating smaller portions of food than the average dieter is use to eating. It claims to help a dieter stop eating when enough food is taken in, increase energy, and greatly reduce the urge to over eat. Slimvia is chock full of vitamins and minerals, which may help improve metabolism, digestion and energy levels. 

Slimvia is backed by Dr. Kirby. This diet pill claims to use ingredients to induce blood sugar stabilization, caloric intake reduction, and successful portion control. In theory, these things should help someone with weight issues to lose weight. If you can eat less while your body is becoming more efficient at burning and otherwise using up the calories you do take in, it makes sense you can lose weight. Extra energy could inspire someone to move more, thus getting more exercise, but Slimvia does seem to lack the stimulants that most diet pills use to help with low energy issues. That, however, can be a good thing as some stimulants on the market are dangerous. 

Review of Slimvia Ingredients

  • Chromium Picolinate - Chromium picolinate is one of the active ingredients used in Slimvia diet pills. This form of chromium is a popular diet pill ingredient, however there is no scientific evidence that supplementing your diet with it will promote weight loss, but it does help to regulate blood sugar levels.

  • L-Carnitine - L-Carnitine is an essential amino acid that plays a role in fat oxidation (fat burning) in the body. Research thus far indicates that supplementing a diet with L-Carnitine does not increase the rate at which the body metabolizes body fat, unless the individual taking it suffers from L-Carnitine deficiency, which is an extremely uncommon condition.

  • Vitamin C - Recent research has found that people who consume more Vitamin C in their diets burn more body fat during periods of physical activity. People who eat a healthy diet that includes fruits and vegetables will naturally consume enough Vitamin C to gain its weight loss benefits and will not benefit further from taking more in a supplement.

  • Vitamin E - Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that helps to detoxify the body of byproducts produced from burning body fat. For this reason, Vitamin E may help to maintain metabolism function, but will not have much impact on weight loss.

  • Vitamin B1 - Vitamin B1, also known as thiamine, helps with the metabolism of carbohydrates (turning food into energy). For this reason, supplementing your diet with Vitamin B1 can give you a boost of energy. Also, Vitamin B1 affects chemicals in the brain and naturally improves mood.

  • Vitamin B2 - Vitamin B2, also known as riboflavin, converts dietary proteins, sugars and fats into useable energy. Like B1, Vitamin B2 may not enhance weight loss, but it will improve energy levels.

  • Choline - Choline has a number of health benefits that involve controlling fat and cholesterol build up in the body. It has also been suggested that choline functions as a lipotrope, which is a substance that enhances the mobilization of fatty acids in the body, thus promoting weight loss. However, there is still no scientific evidence that choline actually functions in this way.

The ingredients in Slimvia are actually very common ones known to be relatively safe, but that does not mean they are safe for you to take, particularly if you are taking medications for an existing condition. Some natural ingredients can be harmful to people on prescription medications, those with serious medical conditions, or to people with allergies. Because of that, it is always a great idea to discuss the diet pill with your doctor before you try it to be sure you stay safe while dieting. Your doctor can also help you with exercises that are appropriate for your current state of health.

Slimvia and Weight Loss – Do Slimvia Diet Pills Work?

The Slimvia diet pill does not outline any type of diet or exercise program, which is something that is essential for long lasting weight loss. However, Slimvia does offer the Slimvia Jump Start Program, which comes with 1 month of online coaching and access to a weekly coaching webinar. Even if you decide not to go with the Jump Start Program, you will still receive the free "D-Myth" book, Slimvia's weight loss guide. I have not read the book myself so I cannot comment on its actual quality as a weight loss resource.

Overall, our Slimvia Diet Pill Review found that this weight loss supplement does contain ingredients that are beneficial for overall good health. These ingredients may not help you lose weight, but they will give you a boost of energy that may be what you need to get yourself out and exercising every day. 

There were a couple of drawbacks we found to taking Slimvia diet pils. Firstly, Slimvia is taken about a half an hour before each meal, which takes some planning. Also, most of the ingredients that are contained in Slimvia are also abundant in a healthy diet. If you are eating a nutritionally-balanced diet that contains fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and dairy you will already be getting enough of these ingredients to reap their weight loss and health benefits. Any more will have little to no effect.

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