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SlimFast Just Launched Keto Diet Product Line

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SlimFast, the U.S. weight loss brand, recently launched a whole new ketodiet product line. The products are being sold in the United States. The purpose of the line is to make it more convenient for the brands customers who are following the ketogenic diet to have meals without breaking the rules of their diets.

The new keto diet product line is called SlimFast Keto. It currently consists of shakes, bars, snacks and coffee additives. This way, people who are living busy lifestyles will be able to have meals and snacks quickly and conveniently.

Why are Keto Diet Products Helpful?

Keto dieting has a tremendous learning curve. While it is more than possible to learn it and take it on, it does take some knowledge and a considerable amount of macronutrient tracking every day. When your diet hasn’t looked like the ketogenic diet until you started following it, then most of the new habits won’t come naturally to you. They will need to be learned and built.

Moreover, this diet relies a great deal on preparing your own foods which can be time consuming. Therefore, many companies have started manufacturing alternative products for the dieter who simply doesn’t have time to prepare three meals plus snacks every day. The SlimFast Keto product line is meant to do exactly that.

What’s in the SlimFast Keto Product Line?

The SlimFast Keto product options include:

• Two meal replacement shake mixes, one in the flavor “vanilla cake batter” and the other in “fudge brownie batter.”
• Two meal replacement bars (one in the flavor “whipped triple chocolate” and the other in “whipped peanut butter”)
• One snack in the form of peanut butter cup fat bombs
• Unsweetened SlimFast Keto product coffee creamer
• MCT oil (for coffee)

The SlimFast Keto product line also includes test strips that make it possible for dieters to track their results. By using this range of products, SlimFast claims that dieters will be equipped with everything they need at home or on the go for keeping up with ketogenic dieting in an easy way. Every bar, shake and snack is made with a low-carb, high-fat balance that is meant to be appropriate for keto dieting. The ingredients in the products were selected to be compatible with this diet, including grass fed butter, coconut oil, collagen- and whey-based proteins, and MCTs.

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