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Ketogenic Diet

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The ketogenic diet is growing in popularity and well worth educating yourself on. The idea behind this diet is that you focus on eating high fat concentration in your daily regimen. You have a moderate amount of protein and a very low amount of carbohydrates each day. Many would agree that the Ketogenic diet is very comparable to the very infamous Atkins Diet.


Originally, the ketogenic diet was intended to help treat epilepsy in children. Understanding how it works and why it exists is important, but you must also evaluate if this is right for you. Because the ketogenic diet exists for a specific purpose, can it also help with weight loss?


Since there are so many diets out there it can seem overwhelming. Many turn to diets such as this or the DASH diet which were created to help specific health conditions. Just as the DASH diet was intended to help treat patients to naturally lower blood pressure levels, the ketogenic diet has specific implications that can help children who suffer with epilepsy. When you eat carbohydrates they turn to glucose which isn’t helpful to this condition. When you eat a high concentration of fat though the liver begins to burn fatty acids within the body—this in turn creates a high ketone body which is important to this condition. When this is present within the body it is believed to dramatically reduce the risks of seizures associated with childhood epilepsy.


Save The Ketogenic Diet For The People Who Really Need It

So you can understand the need for the ketogenic diet and though is it controversial it has some very profound effects to children who follow it. If the epilepsy is present and causing a lot of problems, then the child may benefit by focusing on a high fat diet. Though the ketogenic diet can help patients with this specific health problem, it is not recommended as a means by which one can lose weight. It can actually hurt somebody who doesn’t have this health condition and therefore should be saved for the specific purpose it was created for.


If you try the ketogenic diet without any related medical problems, it can essentially alter the makeup of the body. Though the benefits outweigh the risk for children with epilepsy this is not a diet that should be used by anyone. It’s best to follow a well balanced diet that focuses on a normal concentration of fat, protein, and carbohydrates to lose weight or be your healthiest and best. The ketogenic diet can help those patients with the specific and real need, and it should be reserved for them alone. This is not the type of diet to use recreationally as it may alter the body in an undesirable way.


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