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Controlling Portion Size

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The key to losing weight isn't to restrict the number of times you eat, but how much you eat when you do. Controlling portion size is a critical part of losing weight and is a necessary lesson to learn if you are going to keep the weight off after it's gone.


Eating Smaller Meals results in Weight Loss

Filling yourself to fullness at meal time is a part of eating that many people have a hard time letting go. For this reason, ome people would rather reduce the number of times they eat each day than the portion sizes of their meals. This method of dieting however is destined for disaster and failure.


In order to lose weight and keep it off for years to come you need to learn about controlling portion sizes and eating more often, not less. Eating in this way helps your body to maintain a more stable insulin level, which in turn stabilizes blood sugar levels. So instead of two or three large spikes in insulin and blood sugar every day that your body has to fight to recover from, controlling portion sizes and eating more frequently will help to keep your sugar levels stable, which positively affects your health and your mood.


Best Foods to Eat When Controlling Portion Sizes

When you begin to eat more frequently, controlling portion size becomes very important. Meals should be healthy and calorie-restricted. Avoid junk food and empty calorie foods that will leave you hungry for more. Instead, choose foods that will satiate hunger (high protein or high fiber), such as fish, high fiber grains, seeds and nuts.


Eating protein is an important way to get that needed energy as you strive to eat less, but more often. Not only does protein benefit your body, but it also provides the brain with Important amino acids that help to keep you mentally alert. Protein also increases your energy by elevating the brain chemicals called dopamine and nor-epinephrine.


Incorporating protein into your meals is very easy. For example, instead of just having a healthy snack of fruit, try combining it with yogurt for added protein. Protein doesn't have to come from meat either. Low fat versions of yogurt and cheese, eggs, tofu, and beans are some of the excellent ways to include meat-free protein into your diet.