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Should You Become a Tea Drinker to Get Fast Weight Loss?

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When you want fast weight loss compared to what you’re currently getting, it’s normally green tea that gets all the glory. That said, black tea has also been found to be beneficial for dieters. Therefore, if you want to give your weight loss a hand, you may want to consider becoming a tea drinker and sipping some green and black tea.

When Does Tea Help with Fast Weight Loss?

Let’s be realistic. Drinking tea is not going to simply cause fast weight loss to happen. You’re not going to sit down, sip some tea and suddenly weigh less on the bathroom scale. However, if you use your tea wisely, it can make a surprising difference. You may not expect that such a simple change could make a difference you can see and measure, but it’s true as long as it’s done properly.

The key is to use your tea – especially black tea – to replace drinking pop (regardless of whether it is regular or diet soda), energy drinks and other types of high calorie beverages. Not only will this help you to avoid the high calorie drinks or those containing weight loss-damaging zero-calorie artificial sweeteners, but it will also give your metabolism a bit of a boost.

Why Black Tea?

Studies show that black tea contains certain naturally occurring chemicals that may help to target fat. In fact, it might even help to fight belly fat specifically. Therefore, if you’re already replacing pop, energy drinks and other similar unhealthy beverages, then you may as well substitute them with something that will help you to burn off fat more effectively.

How Black Tea Helps

A number of studies have indicated that black tea provides several benefits to help support or speed up weight loss. They indicate that this drink can make a measurable difference in reducing body weight as a whole, as well as reducing body mass index (BMI) and decreasing waist circumference.

One study showed that people who drank an average of three daily cups of black tea for ninety days experienced significant waist circumference reduction and weight loss when compared to a control group drinking the equivalent amount of caffeine-matched and calorie-equivalent control drink

Many scientists suspect that it may be the flavonoids or polyphenols in the tea that help to cause the fast weight loss among regular black tea drinkers. It’s important to note that this beverage is only beneficial for weight loss when consumed black and without any sweetener, cream, milk, or other condiments.