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Top Ways to Curb Holiday Binge Eating

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The holidays are here and it's that time of year when delicious foods are everywhere you turn. This leads a lot of dieters to the scary truth of holiday binge eating. Although it is okay to indulge during the festivities, there is a limit that should be taken into consideration.


However, many dieters have problems and cannot resist the many temptations, finding themselves packing on the pounds at a time that they really want to look their best. After all, everyone wants to look lean and fit in those holiday pictures. So, how can one resist the urge that leads to a holiday binge eating disaster?


The top ways to curb holiday binge eating are…


1.Keep Recipes Sizes Small


If you don't have an abundance of your favorite holiday food, you won't be able to dig in for seconds or thirds. Keeping your holiday recipes down to a single serving per person will limit the possibility of eating more than you planned.


2.Send Leftovers Home With Guests


Those hosting parties with several guests can send their friends and family home with whatever doesn't get eaten during the meal. A great way to do this is by cooking the foods in disposable foil trays that can be taken home by your guests. Paper plates and aluminum foil also work well.


3.Eat Plenty of Healthy Snacks to Fill You Up


Before you go to a holiday get together or plan on enjoying a high calorie meal, fill up a bit on some low-calorie snacks such as carrot sticks and hummus or cucumber slices drizzled with italian seasoning and olive oil. That way you'll be less inclined to eat too much of the unhealthy foods available.


4.Completely Avoid Your Binge Eating Triggers


This is the biggest and most important way to curb binge eating. If you have a certain food or foods that trigger your binge eating, get rid of it immediately and never have it around again. Some things are just too tempting for certain people to enjoy in moderation and so complete avoidance is key. Everyone has at least one thing that elicits the complete loss of self-control that leads to binge eating. Stay away from it and you'll be 10 pounds lighter come the New Year.