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Are CrossFit Workouts Right for You?

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CrossFit workouts are a mixture of muscle building, gymnastics, plyometrics, power weight lifting, and bodyweight exercises. CrossFit focuses on certain aspects of physical fitness such as alertness, endurance, elasticity, speed, balance and accuracy. CrossFit workouts have to be performed thrice a week. They are of high intensity and short durations. These exercises are lined up in a format. Every exercise is followed by a subsequent exercise with no or little rest in between.

CrossFit engages the whole body, including running and squatting, leaving the individual puffing and panting to catch a breath. To determine if CrossFit is right for you, you need to answer a few questions:

Are You Willing?

CrossFit workouts require solid determination and firm resolve. You need to be consistent in following the workout sessions, otherwise you will not only waste your money but may not be able to lose an inch. You need to be serious about joining CrossFit. Before registering, check the location, ambience and environment of the gym to make sure you will be able to attend it regularly. Take a trial class, for the intensity of the exercises can be way beyond your expectations.

It is best to workout within your limitations and gradually extend your workouts. Forcing yourself to perform a rigorous workout session can be detrimental for your health. Since most gyms take the full payment in advance, you need to research extensively before joining a CrossFit program. 


Will You be Able to Maintain the Weight?

CrossFit may be able to help you shed weight but will you be able to maintain it? CrossFit sessions are extensive and tire out each muscle in your body. You cannot waste your hard work by binging and not exercising. Make sure before starting CrossFit that you will be able to stay in shape and will not let your hard work and money go down the drain.

Are You Healthy Enough?

CrossFit exercises are not for everyone. You need to be physically fit and have the endurance to go through the intensive workout sessions. These military boot camp style sessions may cause you severe injuries and push you past your body’s capabilities. If you feel energetic after a CrossFit session, then it is a clear sign the routine works well for you. But if you feel tired after just one session, CrossFit is not right for you. It can cause weakness in ligaments, muscle strains, sprains and joint aches.

So, consider the abovementioned facts and answer these questions before putting your body through the intense physical test.