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5 Dangerous Workouts to Avoid

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Strength training is one of the best ways to maintain a great shape. It is also recommended by many health experts for weight loss, but it is not entirely safe. The problem with strength training is that it’s delicate. If you fail to be in the right form, the same exercise that was supposed to be beneficial can prove quite hazardous. It can cause severe irreversible injuries too.

The following 5 exercises are considered dangerous because they require you to be completely focused. Unless you are an expert or performing these under expert supervision, these exercises are not recommended for you. These exercises are officially marked as dangerous workouts by the American Council on Exercise because the risk of severe injuries and strain is high. You need to be extremely cautious when practicing these exercises, otherwise you should avoid them at all costs.

For people who wants six-pack abs quick, there seems to be no better plan than to hit the gym and do crunches regularly. Definitely an approach which involves breaking a sweat is always better than rushing towards simpler solutions, like pills and supplements. However, crunches can be harmful for your body as well. Crunches are often labeled as simple movements involving exercise but in reality, they are among the most dangerous workouts. The exercise involves movement that engages your spinal flexion, lower back, and waist. If you fail to do it correctly, it might lead to a herniated disc in your spinal cord.

Upright Rows
When performing upright rows, you might have noticed your shoulders often rotate inward as well as elevate. It is easier to ignore the pressure on the shoulders because it is considered a part of the exercise, but you must know your limits. Pain doesn’t always mean progress. Excess stress on your rotator cuff can cause injury. You can also suffer shoulder impingement syndrome.

Leg Extension Machine
Leg extensions are one of the dangerous workouts you must avoid. The position required to perform this workout puts intense pressure on your knees, known as ACL tension. The heavier weights you use, the more you increase the risk of a bad knee injury.

Smith Machine
If you want to make your workouts safe, forget doing supplementing squats on a Smith machine. The Smith machine was originally designed to reduce the injuries during leg extension through providing barbell support. Built-in bar guides are there for the protection of the individual but in most cases it works against you, thereby causing serious injuries.

Head Lat Pull Downs
Most gym rats think adding more variations to the lat pull down can affect the overall results gained, leading to more strength. However, it doesn’t work that way, as drifting from the original placement can ruin your posture. By adding extra pressure on upper back, most gym enthusiasts increase their risk of a rotator cuff injury.