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Strong Arms and Shoulders

How to Get Sexy, Strong Arms and Shoulders without Gym Equipment

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Paying monthly gym fees or buying expensive gym equipment is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. Maybe you travel a lot or have a jam-packed schedule which leaves you unable to go to the gym. Thankfully, there is a routine which will allow you to build a strong arms and shoulders. It is easy and convenient and you can fit it into your daily routine.

You can build muscle in your shoulders and arms without a barbell or a bench press. It seems as if it is written in stone that without weights it is impossible to build muscle mass. Here is a pushup routine, which if you perform at least four times a week will give you great results. It will allow you to melt fat and increase muscle strength.

For this routine, you should have enough strength in your shoulders and strong arms to perform twenty consecutive pushups. If not, first spend three weeks building up to this strength. Three times a week, three sets of pushups with three-minute intervals should help you get there.

Once you have built your upper body strength you can start the routine below. The entire workout is based on different types of pushups, targeting different upper body muscles and of course, focusing on helping you develop strong arms:

First 14 Days: Perform these exercises with 1-day intervals. Perform three sets with 15 reps each. If you are unable to reach 15 reps, do as many as you can and try to build it up.

Wide pushup: A standard pushup but with hands further apart.

Alternating shuffle pushup: While in standard pushup position, move your right hand where your left hand is. Then move your left hand till your hands are shoulder wide again. Repeat with your right hand. Do pushups alternating left and right.

Diamond pushup: This is opposite of the wide pushup. Put your hands together, with your finger forming a diamond. Then perform pushups.

Next 28 Days: Perform these exercises with 2-day intervals. Perform four sets with 15 reps each. For pushups, you will need an 8-inch high step

One-arm pushup: Do regular pushups, with one arm behind your back. Alternate arms between each rep.

Crossover step pushup: Perform a pushup with one arm behind your back. Then perform the second pushup by taking your arm from behind your back and placing it on the floor. Alternate arms between reps.

Diamond step pushup: Do diamond pushups with your hands on the step.

Next 14 Days: Repeat all the above exercises in a circuit with fewer resting intervals and more reps in each set.

By following the above routine, you will slowly build endurance, increase strength and add explosiveness to build more muscle mass. Consistency is the key to this routine. Taking too long of a break will cause your body to break rhythm. Taking no breaks will cause your body to tire easily and become prone to injuries.