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Secret to Affordable Healthy Food

Here's the Secret to Affordable Healthy Food

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With prices headed in the direction they are, it can feel as though affordable healthy food is either a complete fiction or at the very least a thing of the past. The good news is that it’s not! There is, however, some strategy to it. The key is to know what you’re looking for, how to use everything to its best in terms of cost, and to avoid waste. 

Yes, Affordable Healthy Food Exists!

It’s easy to assume that there is no affordable healthy food. A lot of nutritious ingredients do come with a high price tag. Not all of them though. Not by a long shot. This is particularly true when you take into consideration that you are replacing a less nutritious ingredient with one that is far better for you.

Your first step is most certainly to have a plan. Yes, it can seem like a nuisance, particularly at first, but it will save you a small fortune.  Even if you weren’t trying to boost your nutrition, this is still a great way to slash a ton off your final grocery total.  Before heading to the supermarket, come up with a list of the meals you’ll be preparing in the coming week. Check to see what ingredients you’ll need and write them on your list. 

Check the latest flyer in case there are coupons you can use to save more money. While you’re at it, look for great sales. This might mean that you’ll want to swap out a meal plan for a different dinner instead, to work with the cheaper ingredient. Once you have your list in place, it’s time to head out to the store. Stick to your list. No exceptions. Not only will it make your grocery bill cheaper, but also far more predictable.

Cook in Batches to Make Healthy Food More Affordable

Even if you’re cooking for one or two people, you can still enjoy the advantage of affordable healthy food purchased in larger quantities.  As we all know, smaller packages of ingredients tend to come with a higher price tag. So, buy those larger amounts and cook as though you’re serving lots of people. Then, portion out what you don’t eat and freeze it for ready-made nutritious meals for future weeks.

This lets you enjoy more affordable healthy food now and save both time and money in the future when all you have to do is thaw out the dishes you’ve already prepared!

Skip Fancy Boutique Supermarkets

Yes, boutique grocery stores give you a fancy, special, unique snowflake feel – which can be great – but they are also very hard on your budget. That experience comes with a cost, and it is worked into the price tag for each item they sell. If you can afford it, wonderful! If you’re looking to save money, head to a store that focuses on lower prices, even if the overall experience isn’t as fancy.

Buy Frozen When It Makes Sense

Frozen fruits and veggies are typically far less expensive than fresh, but their nutrient content is the same.  So, when it’s all the same when it comes to taste – such as with carrots, beans, peas, and so on – you might as well pay the lower price for affordable healthy food!