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Pot for Morning SIckness FDA Warning

Pot for Morning Sickness Leads to Premature Birth

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Scientists in the United States are warning pregnant women that using pot for morning sickness may be risky.  That said, regardless of this caution, many women are continuing to give it a try to help alleviate their symptoms.

Why Women Are Using Pot for Morning Sickness?

The women who are most often using pot for morning sickness aren’t typically the ones whose symptoms are quite mild.  Instead, women find that they are turning to marijuana because they don’t know what else to try.  The symptoms can be overwhelming.  Some women feel very sick every day for months.  The nausea, vomiting, and a strong aversion to food can make it nearly impossible to keep up a normal life. In fact, many women with extreme cases need to be hospitalized.

Some women find that their symptoms are strong enough that they can barely eat.  This can lead to unwanted weight loss which, during pregnancy, can be dangerous for both the mother and the unborn child. While some women try to overcome that trend with prenatal multivitamins and other supplements including meal replacements, in more extreme cases, it can be difficult to keep those down, too.

Do Cannabis Products Help with Symptoms?

Many women report that adding cannabis components – CBC and THC – to beverages can nearly immediately eliminate the nausea.  This makes it possible to eat a good meal and obtain the nutrition needed for a healthy pregnancy.  Due to the lack of research on its use, many women try to restrict their use of pot for morning sickness to those times when symptoms are simply overwhelming.  That said, others use it more steadily.

FDA “Strongly” Advises Against Using Pot for Morning Sickness

Despite the fact that pot for morning sickness is becoming a more common choice for many pregnant women, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is hoping that trend will change.  It issued an official warning in which it “strongly” recommends that women avoid the use of cannabis in any form, which includes CBD, when they are pregnant and even when they are breastfeeding.  The reason for the warning is that the use of these substances can pose “serious risks”.

If you are experiencing strong symptoms and are considering using pot for morning sickness, be sure to speak with your doctor.  There may be some other options that you can try that will be helpful without placing you and your baby’s health at risk.