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8 Hour Diet Overview

The 8 Hour Diet Overview

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How you feel about fasting will determine how you will feel about the 8 hour diet. Fasting has fast become a craze as the new diet fad. Part of the reason is it is considered to be a cleansing of the body, mind and spirit. There is a lot of emphasis placed on clean eating and enlightenment these days but with it comes some pretty heavy fads.

How does the 8 hour diet work?

The 8 hour diet will work by having you take fasting periods by which your body will start to burn calories from the fat stores you already have. You can consume as many calories as you like in any 8 hour period and then fast an 8 hour period. So, your calorie binge period can be from 9-5 pm or from 11-7pm and fast the rest of the time.

Why is it done this way? Well, you are actually resetting your metabolism instead of starving your body. When you starve your body your brain tells your body to store everything you eat so you have energy. When you are resetting your metabolism your brain will stay out of starvation mode. This is because, during the fast, your brain will know that there is food coming so it won’t store--it will actually fast-burn because it will have to make room for the large store of calories you will take in.

How long does it take to work?

Since everyone’s chemistry is different, it is impossible to say how long it will take to kick in. You should see an initial drop in weight fast--however, it may take a few times in order to actually feel a difference. The point here is, the brain has to understand as a habit that after you fast--you will be regularly consuming a high amount of calories.

What you eat post fast is very important:

One thing you must be absolutely certain of is the fact that you have to eat foods which are high in good sugar like fruits as well as vegetables and very lean proteins. The danger here is consuming starchy bad carbs and creating cravings during your fast. This is bad for your blood glucose and for your metabolism. Eating junk food and heavily processed foods will cause your body to react unfavorably and undermine the process so make sure you are choosing foods wisely.