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Why is Swimming One of the Best Weight Loss Techniques?

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As the weather gets warming, people are starting to talk about swimming as one of the best weight loss techniques, once again. Over the winter, opportunities are more limited because only indoor pools are available to many of us, and they’re not always open at convenient times or within a comfortable distance from where we live or work.

That said, now that swimming season is rapidly approaching, it’s time to consider this one among the best weight loss techniques once again. That said, have you ever wondered what makes it so popular for this purpose? What is it that splashing around in a pool can do for your waistline that you don’t get from workouts above the surface?

Why Your Best Weight Loss Techniques Include Swimming

It’s Great Cardio and a Fantastic Fat Burner

Swimming means you’re moving around in water (duh!) which has a density that is 800 times greater than air. As a result, every movement you make underwater requires your body to work just that much harder than it would if you were standing poolside. Moreover, when you’re swimming laps, you’re using your entire body, from your core to your arms and shoulders, your legs and backside, too.

A vigorous swim can burn up to 700 calories per hour, while a more moderate swim will still get you up to 500 calories. That’s a lot of burning for an activity that is fun and feels great as a way to cool down in the warmer weather.

Low Impact on the Joints Throughout Your Body

Whether you have a bad back, bad knees, bad hips or other joints struggle – or whether you just want to protect the health of your decent joints – swimming can be a great choice. While you’re in water, your buoyancy takes nearly all the strain off your joints. This is why aquatherapy is so popular as a treatment after many forms of joint injury. In this way, you can still get a full body workout and enjoy one of the best weight loss techniques, without causing strain to your joints.

It Gently Works Your Muscles

At the same time that swimming is one of the best weight loss techniques to protect your joints, it is also great for using muscles all over your body. As already mentioned, it uses pretty much every major muscle group to swim laps in a pool. That said, while you’re using them, you’ll be gradually toning each muscle group. This may not be the same as weight lifting, but if you keep it up, you are absolutely certain to notice results.