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 When Your Doctor Says No to Prescription Adipex

3 Alternatives When Your Doctor Says No to Prescription Adipex

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Just because your doctor says no to prescription Adipex, it doesn’t mean you’re on your own when it comes to your weight loss strategy. There are far more reasons that your physician will deny a request for this obesity drug than there are for approval, so it’s a good idea to get to know what this medication is all about, who is most likely to receive a prescription for it, and what you can do when you’re not included on that list.

Why Will a Doctor Say No to Prescription Adipex?

Understanding why a doctor says no to prescription Adipex starts by getting to know what this drug is and why it’s used. Adipex is a powerful stimulant medication that is available exclusively through a licensed doctor’s prescription. It is prescribed as one of many steps in an obesity treatment program. 

Unless you will be following an obesity treatment program, the odds are that your doctor will say no to prescription Adipex for you. This medication comes with the risk of side effects from mild to severe. It is also addictive and can be used for only a few weeks before withdrawal symptoms can become problematic. Anyone who is not obese will not likely have enough body fat on their body to prevent a higher risk of severe side effects and addiction than would be worth the benefits.

What Can You Do if It’s Not Right for You?

If you’ve checked to see if you can get this drug but your doctor says no to prescription Adipex, there are still many options available to you.  Remember that the first key to any weight management strategy is healthy lifestyle changes.  These are tweaks to the way you live that you intend to keep up over the long term. They include changes to what you eat, in addition to improving your physical activity level and might also involve giving sleep a higher priority and working on your stress management.

Choosing an Adipex Alternative When You Don’t Have Obesity

It’s important to keep in mind that prescription medications aren’t your only support option.  If you’re not dealing with obesity, then a non-prescription Adipex Alternative product may be better for you. Consider options such as:

  1. FENFAST 375
  2. APEX-TX5

Remember that you won’t find an exact replica of this medication in your local pharmacy’s over the counter supplements. Instead, shop in-store and online and discover options meant to help you overcome the challenges that would otherwise stand in your way while adopting your new healthy lifestyle.