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Losing Weight Safely

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The first step towards losing weight safely is to visit your doctor or dietician. They will work with you to determine your “healthy weight” and will let you know if your weight loss goals are both realistic and safe. You can also get started yourself by calculating this using the Healthy Weight Calculator.


If it turns out that you can benefit from weight loss then the following suggestions will help you along your way to fulfilling your weight loss goals.


How to Lose Weight Safely

  • Do not crash diet - Starving your body by crash dieting is not only very unhealthy, but in most cases people who have a rapid weight loss by crash dieting or other unhealthy means usually gain it all back, and then some, because they have not learned how to eat healthily.
  • Smaller Portions - Reducing the size of the portions you eat will help you towards a healthy and natural weight loss.
  • Snacking to lose weight - Eating a few small and healthy snacks during the day will keep your blood sugar more stable and will help reduce your hunger.
  • Avoid emotional eating - Many of us eat when we feel upset, lonely or bored. If you find yourself being an emotional eater then try to find some other activity to do when you are feeling the urge to eat.
  • Watch what you drink - Drinking many beverages, such as sodas, juices, energy drinks and your favorite specialty coffees are high in calories. Instead drink LOTS of water (at least 8 ounces a day), diet sodas and low-fat milk.
  • Find exercise that works for you - Work yourself slowly into an exercise routine that works for you based on your abilities, interests and time.
  • Be kind to yourself - OK, so you meant to only eat one cookie and the next thing you know you’ve gone through the whole box. Well, a slip in our diets is probably the one thing we all have in common. Don’t beat yourself up over it. Instead, drink a big glass of water, brush your teeth and continue on your diet – DON’T STOP. You are still on track to a healthier way of life.
  • It’s not a diet – it’s a way of life - Always remember that all of these life changes you are making are not meant to be short-term, but are part of the weight management strategy that will help keep you healthy for the rest of your life.