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What is Stomaphyx?


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Stomaphyx is a type of weight loss surgery sometimes used by obesity patients.  It is meant to help them to more effectively control their food intake to make it easier to lose weight.  This is meant for people who have already undergone another form of procedure, called a Roux-en-Y gastric bypass.  It is not a surgery meant to be used for people who have never undergone a procedure before.

What is Stomaphyx?

Gastric bypass is a medical procedure that has been used for the last few decades to help the morbidly obese to lose weight. This is not something you can get without a referral, and without meeting certain criteria. Some believe this is the easy way out, but anyone who has had this surgery will tell you that it is anything but easy.

This has been very successful for many, but in the long run, some have slid back, despite the smaller stomach, and gained some weight back. When that happens, these people are great candidates for something called Stomaphyx or a gastric bypass surgery 'tune-up'. The idea is to help the obesity patient to return to the full level of benefits they originally received from their surgery. 

Why Do Some Gastric Bypass Surgery Patients Need This Update?

When someone undergoes gastric bypass surgery, their stomach is either stapled or sectioned off so a very small part receives food and then the rest remains unused. The small portion of the stomach left is then attached to the intestines. Those that get this surgery can only eat about two tablespoons of food at a time at first.  In fact, when the surgery is first completed, it can be challenging to eat anything at all. The stomach is very small and sensitive from the procedure, making it important for patients to ease their way back into eating food.

It is for this reason that this is certainly not considered to be an easy way out by medical professionals.  Gastric bypass surgery is a procedure used for individuals whose obesity is threatening their health, but who aren’t able to lose the necessary weight through traditional lifestyle changes.  Following the surgery, patients can get the nutrition they need through supplements and special drinks while their bodies adjust to the gastric bypass.

How Does This Cause Weight Loss?

Patients who undergo gastric bypass surgery typically lose weight because they can not eat very much food and always feel very full. Since diet is the most important factor in weight loss, this means that when a calorie reduction is virtually guaranteed, the odds of successful weight loss are considerably better. 

The key is to be able to keep up a healthy caloric intake over time, even after substantial fat loss.  The last thing an obesity patient wants is to regain the weight lost after all that effort.  It’s at that point that Stomaphyx plays a role.

Stomaphyx to Bring Back Surgery Benefits

Those who have had gastric bypass tend to do well for a few years and get to a goal weight or at least they get very close. However, the guidelines that were set up to help them lose weight often go out the window and they begin to gain weight again despite the smaller stomach. In some cases, it was found that the pouch was not made small enough or that the stomach stretched to allow in more food. That is when Stomaphyx was introduced.

The surgery is basically a procedure in which the doctor goes in again to make the pouch even smaller and the guidelines for losing weight through bypass are reintroduced to the patient. Most have great results. In this way, Stomaphyx either provides the obesity patient with the benefits they should have enjoyed but were not able to receive, or it brings back those benefits that have been lost over time.

Typically, Not as Invasive as Gastric Bypass

Unlike many surgeries of this type in the past, this can be done in some cases by going in through the mouth of the patient rather than making an incision. That means those that get a tune up or Stomaphyx procedure do not have long to recover before they can go back to their lives and work. Some need as little as two days before they are back to life again.

This has helped many who thrived on gastric bypass for a few years only to find they are falling back into old habits, neglecting exercise, and gaining weight. Surgery is not the answer for bad habits, but for those that have done well on gastric bypass, the Stomaphyx procedure has helped them stay in good health in the long run.