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5 of the Best Energy-Producing Foods to Keep You Going

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When we are dieting, working out, or just plain tired and wanting a boost, we tend to want to reach for a quick energy fix. Unfortunately, we usually rely on food that is only healthy in part--or not at all. In general, coffee and caffeine are still the most popular choices. However, coffee--like energy drinks, which are even worse--produce energy spikes only to crash you. Therefore, we will share the top five energy-producing foods that will keep you going.


Let’s take a look at how energy boosters work. What normally happens is that people are taken in by some energy drink when it is touted as natural or herbally infused, perhaps made with green tea and white tea extracts, as well as being caffeine infused. This is deceptive marketing, however, because what people don’t realize is that such drinks are also loaded with sugar and herbal stimulants that can be as bad as a drug, sending your heart racing, your blood pressure soaring, and your blood glucose through the roof. They are simply unhealthy, and it is best to get your energy from whole, energy-producing foods.


Top energy-producing foods


1. Nuts:


True, nuts can be fattening, and they may have salt content. However, if you buy plain, unsalted varieties of any nut you’ll be fine; and the fat is a healthy sort of fat. Eaten is small handfuls throughout the day, nuts will provide with the energy you need to sustain you as well as nutrients you need for brain function.


2. Water:


True, water is not a food; but dehydration is one of the top culprits for causing sluggishness and tiredness. Your capacity to feel thirst diminishes by age 25, so it is then harder to gauge dehydration until it’s too late. It is very important to keep well-hydrated.


3. Dark Chocolate:


This has enough caffeine and other energy enhancers, including some sugar, to boost you quite a bit in a delicious way--without the guilt. How many people are likely to complain about chocolate?


4. Fruits:


All fruits carry energy-boosting properties as well as great nutritional value. The vitamins and minerals you get from fruit are priceless and better than any supplement you could imagine. Fruits that are best for energy include bananas and citrus fruits. If you are careful about any added sugar content, you could do well to do use dried fruit, too.


5. Fish:


The more oily the fish, such as salmon and sardines, the better. They pack energy as well as valuable omega fatty acids. They perform better fresh than as supplements, but if you do use supplements, make sure you are aware of the potency and any side effects.