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10 Foods for a Summertime Detox

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It seems that every year around this time, many of us are in search of a good summertime detox. It makes sense that, as the weather gets hotter and as we are more exposed, we want to look and feel our best. With so many wonderful fresh foods out there, this is an excellent time to get rid of the unhealthy options and welcome in better choices.


If you want to make the most out of a summertime detox, these are the 10 foods to keep handy at all times:


Fresh Mint: Not only does mint boast a fresh and tasty flavor but it can also help to get rid of toxins in the body. This herb is easy enough to add to everything from water to your favorite dishes, and it can be a great way to cleanse naturally.

Asparagus: This is by far one of the best summertime detox foods to enjoy. It’s fresh and in season during the summer, so it’s easy to obtain and have on hand regularly. This is known to get the toxins out, and you will be able to detect that in urine, specifically.


Blueberries: They’re also in season and a big-time superfood, so these are a must-have for your summer detox list. They are loaded with antioxidants, which help to escort toxins out and ensure that your immune system is boosted naturally. Blueberries are always a tasty, healthy choice!


Watermelon: In terms of the best summertime detox foods, watermelon definitely makes the cut. It’s made of primarily water, but it also has key nutrients that render it an especially healthy option. It also fills you up, helping to ensure that you get what you need without anything that your body will regret.


Fresh Basil: This is a summertime staple, and it’s also great for detoxifying. Try adding it to a smoothie or to water with some fresh fruits and vegetables, or eat it with raw vegetables for a healthy twist.


Garlic: Though garlic is tasty and healthy anytime, it’s particularly helpful in the summer. It has antibacterial and antiviral properties that help you to detoxify and be your very best—a powerful culinary choice no matter the season!


Beans: These are a must for your summertime detox list because they have all the right elements without any downsides for your health. Their high fiber content will aid digestion and ensure that no toxins linger in your system. They are a complete food, too, being high in protein and low in anything that could harm you.


Broccoli: There’s a reason why broccoli is always considered to be a superfood. It has a high concentration of antioxidants, which help to boost your immune system. This also means that broccoli will push toxins out of your system and keep you functioning in top form.


Raspberries: Another type of super-berry, these give you some powerful nutrients. They are a great complement to water and fresh herbs, or they can easily be snuck into a smoothie to add some real nutritional value and detoxifying power.


Citrus Fruits: These fruits offer many wonderful benefits, which is why citrus fruits are a must for your summertime detox diet. They will give you key nutrients, such as vitamin C, and also load you up with powerful antioxidants. They eliminate water retention and bloating and help you to look and feel your very best.