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The Best Healthy Cookbooks to Start 2019

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If you’re on the hunt for the best healthy cookbooks, then you’ll be thrilled to be searching in 2019. A wealth of titles have been released by nutritionists, high profile chefs and other health experts to focus on specific diets, eating trends and other food preferences that have become widely popular.

Check Out the Following Best Healthy Cookbooks Newly Released

The Noma Guide to Fermentation (by René Redzepi and David Zilber)

Fermentation is an ancient technique that adds flavor, preserves food naturally and helps to support a healthy microbiome in your digestive system. The authors of this book – successful chefs behind one of the best restaurants in the world – explain why fermentation is an art that needs to return to people’s homes. This reintroduction of this classic technique in a new way easily makes it among the best healthy cookbooks for your library in 2019.

Season (by Nik Sharma)

As nutritious and delicious as these recipes are, the reason Season is often included among the best healthy cookbooks is that it helps to build a love of cooking. If you previously loved cooking and lost the spark, this will reignite it. Season brings the complexity and brightness of traditional Indian food into a new Western angle. This book provides a range of new family favorites in an accessible and adventurous way.

Inspiralized and Beyond (by Ali Maffucci)

The last couple of years have brought us the wonders of spiralized vegetables. Noodles have been made out of everything from zucchini and carrots to various types of squash and sweet potatoes. This book takes the spiralizer to a new level. It lets the home cook use this tool in conjunction with many other techniques that will change the way you think of cooking. Not only does it make your food more creative and appealing, but it does so easily, quickly and very simply.

Unicorn Food (by Katt Odell)

This uniquely named book was added to this list of the best healthy cookbooks for its creative plant-based recipes. Its meals have fun names and provide fantastic and delicious options for people following a plant-based diet or who simply want new and delectable options to choose for Meatless Mondays. This cookbook proves that you can eat an extremely healthy meal without sacrificing flavor and enjoyment at the same time.