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Fast Breakfast Recipes that are Really Healthy

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They say that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and yet so many of us skip it. For some it’s the fact that running out of time is just a part of the morning routine. For others, it may be that they simply can’t find any healthy food options. Though breakfast foods may not always be the healthiest options, there are some great ideas to choose from. You want the best fast breakfast recipes that you can whip up and enjoy on the go, and that are actually good for you in the process.


The key to finding the best recipe to start your day is making it easy, fast, and yet healthy at the same time. Though that may sound like a tall order, it can be done if you plan ahead and then put in the work as you go. Most of these can be prepared the night before with some simple assembly in the morning to ensure that breakfast is a cinch. Just because it’s easy doesn’t mean that it has to be unhealthy! These fast breakfast recipes prove that you can enjoy something convenient that is actually good for you, and you’ll be able to start your day the way you were meant to.


Healthy Breakfast Sandwich


This is a matter of substituting out the wrong ingredients for the right ones. In this case you want to use whole grain English muffins or bread as the base. Scrambled egg whites or poached eggs are the main star of the show. You don’t need cheese as you will pile this sandwich high with tomato, spinach, and avocado. Voila! Very little preparation the morning of, and yet a delicious and nutritious option to start your day with!


Yogurt Parfait


Who says that fast breakfast recipes can lack a healthy element or appeal? This is all about layers—start with nonfat Greek yogurt, then top with fresh berries, and then some of your favorite nuts and seeds. The layers all blend well together and give you some creamy decadence, and also a good crunch. You won’t believe how easy this is to make the night before, and it will give you a great start to your day, too.




No you’re not goingto whip these up in the morning when you’re pressed for time, but rather make them ahead of time. Spray a muffin tin and pour in some beaten eggs, sprinkle on just a bit of cheese and some salt and pepper. Top with favorite veggies such as peppers, onions, mushrooms, and spinach. You can even put in some low fat ham if you like. Bake in the oven as you would muffins until golden brown. Grab a couple as you head out the door throughout the week!


Oatmeal With a Kick


This isn’t the packet oatmeal that you likely grew up with—this is a much healthier option! You cook steel cut oats ahead of time so that you have them in abundance. Then you want to drizzle just a touch of honey for flavor, top with dried cranberries, almonds, and fresh blueberries. This is one of those fast breakfast recipes that you can make your own way that has some great nutritional value, and of course is a delicious start to the day!