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Nutritious Low Calorie Egg Recipes

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You hear all the time that you need more protein, so what better way than to focus on low calorie egg recipes? The egg is one food that offers some serious protein and plenty of other health benefits and nutrients. If you want to turn to a simple and serious protein powerhouse, then the egg is the way to go.


Unfortunately, a lot of things that you get to eat when dining out are loaded with fatty ingredients and therefore work against you. If you find that you want the benefits of the egg but not the fat, then these are some great ideas to try. These are low calorie egg recipes that are delicious and truly nutritious!


Egg White Omelet


By far one of the easiest low calorie egg recipes, and one of the most popular, is the egg white omelet. You may think that you’re not a lover of egg whites; but when you mix it with the right ingredients, you can’t even tell the difference, and you get all of the protein with none of the fat.


Spray a pan with cooking spray and then add in egg whites as the base. Then pile on some of your favorite veggies, perhaps including mushrooms, red peppers, broccoli, and zucchini. You can top your egg whites with a dash of cheese, as well as salt and pepper, for a filling and delicious low calorie meal.


Low Fat Huevos Rancheros


If you want something a bit more unique in terms of low calorie egg recipes, then try this gem that just swaps out the fatty ingredients for much better options. Start with poached eggs, then put them on top of a whole-grain English muffin. Put black beans, cilantro, and a great salsa on top, and you have something that tastes decadent but is really good for you, making each calorie count.




You can do this in individual muffin tins or open-face in a pan, but either way it makes for one of the best low calorie egg recipes. Beat some egg whites with just one yolk to get a good base, and then place this into a sprayed pan. This remains open face, so you can stack on whatever suits your fancy. Fresh veggies such as asparagus and spinach, fresh herbs like dill or basil, and just a small touch of goat cheese or mozzarella work well. If you make them in muffin tins, you can have a quick go-to breakfast all week long that is low calorie and so filling. It’s all about creativity and using the egg for all that it can be with these low calorie but substantial recipes!