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5 Delicious Summer Quinoa Recipes

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This summer is a great time to start discovering new quinoa recipes that will allow you to take advantage of this fantastic superfood in a unique and tasty way. This edible seed is fantastic for its high contents of fiber, protein, iron and magnesium and it goes very well with a huge spectrum of other foods. Besides being nutritious, it also has a subtle nutty flavor, a great texture and is fantastic for filling you up.


It’s for this reason that quinoa recipes have become favorites among dieters, the health-conscious and foodies alike.

Here are some handy and delicious quinoa recipes you’ll want to be serving this summer.


Quinoa and edamame salad – toss together some quinoa, edamame, chickpeas (garbanzo beans), and your favorite berries and serve on a bed of baby spinach leaves with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. It may look like a super healthy meal but it is also packed with flavor and is hugely satisfying.

Stuffed peppers – choose your favorite bell pepper – orange, red, green or yellow –taking the pith and seeds out of the inside and grilling it standing up. Next, fill it with some cooked quinoa, kale onion and garlic, as well as some fresh halved grape tomatoes. It’s sure to be an instant hit. It’s so delicious, you’ll forget about the fact that it’s actually good for you, too.

Pesto spinach quiche – load up your best classic quiche recipe with baby spinach, basil pesto and quinoa. Not only will it be better for you, but it will also fill you up more and give you the feeling of eating something very rich and sumptuous.

Berry breakfast – start your day off on the right foot by giving yourself a healthful, layered breakfast treat. In a short glass, layer plain Greek yogurt mixed with chia seeds, quinoa and fresh berries. It looks stunning and tastes amazing. It’s like having a rich dessert for breakfast without any of the guilt.

Quinoa and corn salad – mix this protein packed grain with some fresh cooked corn, red onion, red pepper, cilantro and green onions and top with a squeeze of fresh lemon and lime juice. If you really want something zingy, add a touch of hot sauce, too.


If weight loss is your goal this summer, enjoy healthful eating with these recipes, regular daily activity and FENFAST 375 for more energy and fat burning but less appetite.