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Carb Rotation Diet

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The Carb Rotation Diet, also known as the Dress Size Reduction diet, is an eating plan that was invented by Jayson Hunter; a registered dietician with a Bachelor of Science in Dietics and Nutrition. The plan involves a change in both the amount of daily carbohydrates that one consumes and a change in the type of food eaten. The idea behind the plan is to ensure that the body\'s metabolism is running high at all times, but at the same time reducing the amount of calories you consume. The reason for this is to avoid the normal mechanism of one’s metabolism, which is a tendency to slow down when iit detects that the body is not getting enough calories. The other method of carb rotating is eating 4-6 small meals daily. The constant supply of food helps in a faster running of the metabolism.


The carb rotation diet is administered in three phases. The first phase helps raise metabolism of the user by building muscle while at the same time gaining little fat. The second phase helps the user reduce fat while losing minimal metabolism and muscle in the process. The third phase helps raise metabolism of the body again by building more muscle.


The carb rotation diet has many advantages. One, the diet program does not require the user to rely on any kind of products or pills in order for it to work. Two, the plan comes with a guide, which if followed faithfully, helps the user lose weight fast. Three, the plan shows the user exactly which nutrients are essential for the body thus helping ensure that one’s fat loss remains constant throughout the day.


As an added advantage, the plan also provides information that helps guide the user in reading food labels correctly while at the same time helping the user learn how to calculate the number of calories in the food thus keep off weight permanently. Another positive for this diet is that the carb rotation diet helps limit the intake of refined carbohydrates, which are found in products like cookies, pasta, cakes and white rice. Consequently, this helps keep one’s insulin and blood sugar levels in check thus help in prevention of diseases such as diabetes. Losing weight is also made easier with this type of diet.


The carb rotation diet has been known to help many people lose weight without the side effects usually associated with other fad weight loss diets. It is also a diet that can help extract a large amount of toxins from the body of anyone wishing to lose weight. Subsequently, the user’s body will start to function more effectively and thus enhance one’s ability to lose weight. This will leave one feeling not only healthier but also having more energy. The carb rotation diet has been found to help people who want to lose weight in specific areas such as around their bellies. For such individuals this diet is beneficial.

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