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The DNA diet is a personalized meal plan that claims to be based on your unique genetic blueprint. DNA-based diets are part of a brand new bio-tech industry called nutrigenomics. It starts with a do-it-yourself DNA kit that costs between $300 and $500 depending on the maker. Once you send in your sample, in about three weeks later will you receive a printed report with details about the 19 genes that are key to this new type of personalized diet program. Critics of the DNA diet approach, however, have said that analyzing 19 of the 20,000 human genes can\'t provide enough information to identify risk factors, much less specific foods you should eat.


The DNA Diet Program

Your personalized DNA Diet, also known as nutrigenomics, includes specific food and supplement recommendations based on your genetic profile and your food and lifestyle questionnaire. The DNA Diet is personalized to match your individual DNA helping to motivate you and improve your life.


Despite its sci-fi nature, plugging nutrigenomics into your training plan is fairly simple. The Sciona DNA test is available online or through distributors like Seattle-based Genelex, which charges $495 for processing the kit. You just swab the inside of your cheek and mail the swabs to the lab for a chemical analysis of genes that relate to heart health, antioxidation and detoxification, inflammation, bone health, and insulin sensitivity. After you receive the analysis, you can get in touch with one of Genelex\'s 60 nutritionists, like Los Angeles–based Carolyn Katzin, who\'s assisted dozens of marathoners and triathletes with their diets. Over the course of a 30-minute phone consultation, Katzin will go over your genetic profile and create a meal plan to help you get the most out of your training.


Cost - DNA Diet

The DNA Diet ranges in price from $500 to $1200, depending on the company and the consultant.

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