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Keep Kids Active this Summer with these Family Games

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When the weather is hot and your children are home from school, it’s easy to want to sit inside where it’s air conditioned. If you find this happening though, give yourself a swift reminder of how important it is to keep kids active this summer.


Just because your kids aren’t in school it doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be out and getting active. Keep kids active this summer in a number of different ways and you’ll be setting the scene for an active and more healthful lifestyle. When you start these habits early, they’re easier for your child to maintain them throughout the rest of their lives. There’s no reason they should be sitting down with a game controller or the television when nature is right outside.


The following are some great ways to keep kids active this summer:


Walk – encourage your children to walk everywhere they go. Get them to walk the dog, have them walk to the park, tell them to walk around the block on a nice safe route. If they want to go to the corner store, they can walk there. If they’re not old enough to go on their own then it’s time for you to step up and go with them because it’s good for you, too!

Get the bikes tuned up – make sure your bikes are all in good working order, are tuned up and still fit (or make the right adjustments so they will fit). Then, strap on the safety helmets and head out. This is a wonderful family friendly activity. Kids can take shorter rides on their own but longer trips are a ton of fun when you take them together.

Swimming – if you’re fortunate enough to have your own pool then you should certainly be taking advantage of that. If not, the odds are that you have a community pool or other local swimming facility that is accessible. Make sure to head out there as frequently as you can.

Go to a park or playground – if your kids are old enough to go to a park or playground on their own, then encourage them to head there. There are some great ways to stay active and the potential to meet new friends, too. If you want to go with them, you can all enjoy yourselves together. Remember that you can always bring some fun activities with you, too. Toss a Frisbee around, fly a kite, go for a hike or use a trail for riding bikes.

Go old school! – when you were little, there were great ways to entertain yourself in the summertime. That hasn’t changed. Play tag, hide and seek, hopscotch, jump rope, capture the flag, or have a backyard dance party with your kids’ favorite songs.


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