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The Best Activities for Kids with ADHD, Anxiety, or Depression

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As a loving, caring, and attentive parent, you most likely understand the importance of keeping your children as happy and healthy as possible, all while having them challenged as they grow. Often, though, finding the best activities for kids with ADHD, anxiety, or depression can be a little difficult. Children who suffer from such behavioral or mental ailments are especially in need of distinct events and activities, mostly because their brains function a little bit differently. It becomes our job as their caregivers to provide them with stimulating activities that will keep them engaged for as long as possible.

Activities for Kids with ADHD


  • Try Martial Arts: It seems as though enrolling children with ADHD into some form of martial arts training helps them not only become more physically fit but also maintain concentration for long periods of time with greater ease.
  • Embrace the Music: Music is known to do many wonderful things, including helping kids with ADHD, anxiety, or depression. Whether it is music lessons or attending some sort of concert, the music alone is enough to settle the brain and body of a hyperactive child.

Activities for Kids with Anxiety


  • Painting Things: You might be surprised by just how effective painting is at calming kids with ADHD, anxiety, or depression. Not only will they be able to flex their creative muscle but they will also have the chance to create something truly unique and beautiful.
  • Create a Photo Collage: Kids with anxiety are especially sensitive to social cues and, thus, might have a much more enriching experience in creating a one-of-a-kind photo collage of some of their favorite moments in life.

Activities for Kids with Depression


  • Writing and Journaling: Kids with ADHD, anxiety, or depression usually have a lot on their minds. Because of that fact, giving them some outlet to write out their thoughts is a good way to help alleviate some of the symptoms of their condition.
  • Music Therapy: Music is medicine, and if your kids are depressed, you should try to make them feel better by offering them some relaxing tunes and melodies. Try classical or jazz for a quick uplift or introduce them to isochronal or binaural beats if you need a little extra help.

Talk to your therapist if you have specific questions about kids with ADHD, anxiety, or depression, as each child is vastly different and will need somewhat specialized treatments.