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How Diet Affects Mood in Children

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You may recognize what happens to your child if they have too much sugar, and it’s not always a pretty thing. Many of us have parents have witnessed that “sugar high” that comes about when our child enjoys too many treats, but we don’t think about that in the long term. This is a normal part of childhood and a treat here and there won’t hurt them, and while this may be true there is a very direct link between food and mood in kids. If you don’t believe it then you may want to dig into just how diet affects mood in children, and you’ll be shocked and amazed at just how true this really is.


This may be witnessed just in the sugar example but it may be much more profound than you realize. If you aren’t giving your kids the right foods or at least trying to introduce healthy foods, then you may be hurting them. Mood itself is a temporary thing, but over time it can cause emotional issues. You may very well think that you can improve their mood and fix the problem, and that may be true. However, if the improper diet and mood fluctuations continue over time, then you may have a bigger problem than you realized. It’s important to work towards a balanced and healthy diet in the short term, for it may provide big benefits in the long term as well.


If you still don’t believe that diet affects mood in a really profound way in kids, consider the following examples. It’s all about balance, and though kids can have treats, they should be exceptions to the rule. You want to strive for healthy eating most of the time and then you can create a better picture of health for your kids now and into the long term. It really does matter and when they eat well, they benefit with so many wonderful things in their life!


Too much sugar can cause an extreme rise and fall:


You have probably seen this in your own kids at some point in time, and it can be very telling. If you give your kid too much sugar watch how it can give them that extra energy boost, and even make them a little crazed. Then watch how just a little while later they can feel tired and lethargic and therefore have no energy to do anything. Think of how this works over time, and it will be enough to make you want to eat healthy in the long term. Too much sugar can be harmful, particularly if you give it to them often, so keep this in check and you will both be just fine.


Too many carbs can cause a child to feel lethargic, tired, and down:


It’s not just sugar that can cause so many problems; even carbohydrates can be an issue in the long term. If you want to know how diet affects mood then look at a child that eats primarily carbohydrates with no real balance. They are often lacking energy and are even lethargic, and this mood is a constant. This may lead to bigger mental or emotional health issues, as the body doesn’t know how to process all of these carbs and it hurts them in the long term as well

An improper diet can lead to depression or self-esteem issues:


As parents we don’t want to think about this scenario, but it’s true. The more unhealthy a diet they eat ,the more that this can lead to longer term mood problems. Sure, a mood swing or rise and fall here and there due to sugar or carbs isn’t the issue, but it can be if you keep it up for awhile. The child may suffer from depression, anxiety, or even self-esteem issues. Balance is the key and if they eat a balanced diet then it will also keep their emotions in check too!


By switching to a proper diet it can cause increased physical and mental health:


Just eating right may be the only thing you need to do to ensure that your kids are happy, balanced, and healthy moving forward. It’s very evident how diet affects mood just in the short term scenario, so think of how this all adds up over time. Work towards a balanced diet, for it’s always the best way to go. If you can get to that then you will help your kids enjoy better physical, mental, and emotional health along the way.


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