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Top 10 Lowest Calorie Foods on the Planet

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Ever been curious about what the top 10 lowest calorie foods are and how you can incorporate them into your diet? If you’ve ever tried to lose weight or even if you’ve tried to maintain it once it was gone, then this type of ingredient will likely have played an important role in your efforts. It’s important to point out that the top 10 lowest calorie foods aren’t the same as the ones with the tiniest caloric value. After all, this isn’t just a matter of the count, but what makes these options the very best. Otherwise, water and zero-calorie soda would lead this list. Instead, the top 10 lowest calorie foods are made up of options that will help you to reach your health goals, not your weight loss ones. They need to taste great, be available to buy without having to jump through hoops and, yes, have a low calorie count. Consider some of the following options: 1. Celery – At only 6 calories per large stalk, you could eat as much of this veggie as you wanted without ever having to worry about a negative impact on your weight loss. This vegetable is also very high in fiber and water. It will fill you up and hydrate you at the same time.
2. Radishes – For every cup of radishes, you’ll take in only 17 calories. If you add these to your veggie snacks, you’ll be able to eat as many as you want, completely guilt-free.
3. Zucchini – Want to add a huge side dish to your dinner? Grill a whole medium zucchini and you’ll still only have eaten 31 calories.
4. Plums – Love fruit? Have a sweet tooth? Have a plum. You’ll eat only 30 calories even though it tastes like you’re enjoying a sweet treat.
5. Strawberries – Looking for a super-indulgent dessert? Have a whole cup of strawberries if you want them. It’s only 49 calories and they’re packed with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber.
6. Grapefruit – These huge citrus fruits have a unique, tangy taste and the whole fruit contains only 74 calories. This despite the large size, huge amount of fiber and large number of vitamins and minerals. Many people feel these fruits are fantastic for weight loss, too.
7. Bulgur – For every half cup of this cooked grain, you’ll eat only 76 calories. This whole grain food will simultaneously fill you up, boost your energy levels and increase your fiber levels.
8. Soba Noodles – Love pasta but hate the calories? You might want to try soba noodles, instead. They’re made of gluten-free buckwheat and contain only 113 calories per cooked cup.
9. Air popped popcorn – Provided you don’t add butter and other toppings, the air popped version of this snack contains only 31 calories per cup.
10. Turkey breast deli meat – For a guilt-free sandwich filling that is high in protein, try turkey breast deli meat. For every 3 ounces, it’s only 72 calories.