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Top Nutrients for Eye Health, No Matter Your Age

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Your eye health should be important to you every day of your life. You want to be able to see as good as possible and often the failure of your eyes will point out that you are getting older. Once damage is done to the health of your eyes it is hard to ever improve it again. Here are some of the best nutrients that you should take for your eye health so that you can see well for years to come.

Nutrients to Look for in Eye Vitamins

Your eye health requires very specific nutrients in addition to the same type of overall nutrition your body needs as a whole.  It’s for this reason that many optometrists recommend taking the right eye vitamins to support your vision wellness. Properly balanced formulas contain a daily amount of certain nutrients your eyes require to function at their best.  According to research, these quantities are unlikely to be available to most people through their diets, particularly on a daily basis. 

Instead, some of the necessary amount of the nutrients is available through diet, but the rest needs to be available through supplementation.  Of course, not all nutrients for eye health can be found in every supplement.  Therefore, it’s important to look into what is in a product you’re considering and whether it aligns with reputable research.   

Nutrients for Eye Health

As you look into the nutrients for eye health you need and whether the supplements you’re considering contain them, have a look at the following clinically studied substances.  When in doubt, always talk to your optometrist or your family physician to know what is best for you.


This is a type of carotene that is going to work specifically for the eyes. It is good at helping prevent any degeneration that can occur to the eyes after many years of using them. The more of this nutrient that you are able to take the less likely that you will have eye health issues and the less likely that surgery will need to be considered. You can get this nutrient from several sources, including celery, cucumber, peas, pistachios, and dark leafy greens.


These would include options like selenium, copper, zinc, and vitamins E and C. All of these are important to keeping the eyes healthy. Combining the nutrients together is the best option because they work best that way but getting in at least a few of them each day is going to make a big difference in helping your eyes stay as healthy as possible. Some foods where you can get these nutrients include strawberries, oranges, papayas, kiwi, kale, peanuts, crabs, and oysters. Make up a nice fruit salad and see how many of these antioxidants you can fit in each one.


These are good at protecting against degeneration of the eyes as well as cataracts as you age. They can also improve the amount of blood that is flowing to the eyes so that they are able to see a bit better over time. Some of the foods that are going to fit into this category for your eye health include grape seed, pine bark, bilberry, and blueberries.


You have been told for years to eat your carrots. This is because the nutrient carotene, that is found inside these carrots, is amazing for keeping the health of your eyes up where it needs to be. Make sure to include these in your diet often in order to keep your eyes as healthy as possible for the long term.