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Renal Diet Support

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This is a list of renal diet support resources available, including brochures, charts and posters, books, cookbooks and websites. Renal diets are designed for people who are on dialysis or have difficulties with their kidneys. It is best to discuss any diet with your doctor to make sure it is healthy and safe for you.


Renal Diet Books

Bowes and Church's Food Values of Portions Commonly Used. 17th Edition. Jean A. T. Pennington. J.P. Lippincott Co. 1997. ISBN: 0-397-55435-4.

The Complete Book of Food Counts. Fourth Edition. Corinne T. Netzer. Dell Publishing Co. 1997. ISBN: 0-440-22110-2.


Renal Diet Brochures

Nutrition and Hemodialysis. National Kidney Foundation.
Phone: 1-800-622-9010 or (212) 889-2210

How to Increase Calories in Your Renal Diet. National Kidney Foundation.
Phone: 1-800-622-9010 or (212) 889-2210


Renal Diet Charts and Posters

Kidney HELPER Phosphorus Guide. (Chart or poster)
Available from Consumer MedHelp
Phone: 1-800-556-7117 or (781) 246-7700
Fax: (781) 246-3086


Picture Renal Diet. (Poster)
Available from University Hospital, Food and Nutrition Services
Phone: (205) 934-8055


Renal Diet Cookbooks

These cookbooks provide recipes for people on dialysis:

The Renal Gourmet. Mardy Peters
ISBN: 0-9641730-0-X
Emenar Inc.
Phone: 1-800-445-5653


Southwest Cookbook for People on Dialysis
Developed by the El Paso Chapter Council on Renal Nutrition and the National Kidney Foundation of Texas, Inc.
Dallas, TX 75244
Phone: (972) 934-8057


Creative Cooking for Renal Diets
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
ISBN: 0-941511-00-6
Senay Publishing
Phone: (440) 256-4435


Creative Cooking for Renal Diabetic Diets
Cleveland Clinic Foundation
ISBN: 0-941511-01-4
Senay Publishing
Phone: (440) 256-4435


Renal Diet - Online Information

The National Kidney Foundation ( offers many fact sheets for patients with kidney disease.

National Kidney and Urologic Diseases Information Clearinghouse
3 Information Way
Bethesda, MD 20892-3580
A service of the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases