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Goji Berries and Weight Loss

Goji Berries and Weight Loss

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Goji berries are gaining in popularity in the dieting world, but not many know what this is and what it can do. Goji is the commercial name for what is more commonly known as the Wolf berry. This berry is most widely used in China but is slowly gaining popularity around the world for weight loss purposes. Losing weight is not the only health benefit claim made about these these berries either, which makes them even more appealing.

What Are Goji Berries?

They have a tangy but sweet taste and have the texture of raisins. They are native to China, Tibet, and Mongolia. They grow on small, squat evergreen bushes and are bright red. They are usually used when they have dried, which leaves them resembling raisins. They are not grown or found in the US or in any moderate climes, but a close relative to this berry are the nightshade berries that are found in the US. These, unlike the goji, are poisonous and should never be consumed.

Are Gogi Berries and Weight Loss Connected? 

For weight loss, Goji berries have an excellent effect on the blood sugar. When you eat high glycemic carbohydrates, the blood sugar spikes. When it comes down quickly, you are hungry again, usually within an hour or two.

Goji berries and weight loss are also often thought of together because they are very low on the glycemic index. Thus, when ingested, they do not have much of an effect on the blood sugar. That means less hunger less often. That alone is a great benefit from this tiny berry. The high fiber content in these berries also leaves a dieter feeling fuller longer.

What Else Can They Do?

Goji berries also help the body build and protect muscle through natural enzymes that many take in synthetic form for those very reasons. The amino acids found naturally in the Goji berry are what our bodies make in abundance when we are young, and these keep us lean and fit. As we age, these are not as plentiful in the body, and we gain and store fat. Also, these berries will help provide nutrients that are proven to stimulate the metabolism so that you burn more calories more efficiently.

The uses for the Goji berry beyond weight loss are many. It is believed that it helps preserve the eyesight and be a special help to those with vision problems over the age of 60. They may have a positive effect on the immune system and can help with kidney function. Not only that, Goji berries can help with sexual well-being and fertility, along with a person's longevity in lifespan.

The Reality of Gogi Berries and Weight Loss

When all is said and done, you can’t expect gogi berries and weight loss to solve each other.  That is, eating this food or taking it as a supplement will not make fat melt off your body if you’re not making any other efforts.  If you want to be able to use this ingredient to help support your weight loss, it’s a matter of ensuring that you’re making changes to your overall eating habits as well as your activity level and sleep routines.

Gogi berries for weight loss would be used in the same way as any other similar ingredient such as acai berries or even blueberries.  They are high in antioxidants and help to support the healthy function of the body.  At the same time, they are typically best used in conjunction with a calorie restricted diet and regular fitness appropriate exercise routine. 

Speak with Your Doctor

If you are thinking about using gogi berries for weight loss or if you want to know what type of weight management strategy is best for you, it’s highly recommended that you speak with your doctor.  This will help you to know if the ingredient is safe for you, if it is appropriate for you to use it in any way other than as food (for example, supplementation) and what type of diet is most appropriate for your health needs and your goals.

Your doctor can provide a wealth of information about effective ways for you to lose weight.  He or she may also refer you to other professionals such as a dietitian or may recommend that you have a session with a physical trainer to design a workout suited to you.  Though many people skip this step, it can make the difference between a successful diet that produces long term results, or one that fails after the novelty wears off.