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Healthy Grocery Shopping

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Losing weight by sticking to your weight loss program starts with healthy grocery shopping. What we buy affects how well we eat. By buying foods that are healthy, instead of empty calorie junk, you eliminate the opportunity of eating these diet-killing foods.


Meal planning is very helpful when it comes to preparing a healthy grocery shopping list. If you plan your meals ahead then you will be more inclined to only purchase what you need and avoid foods you don't. This can make your grocery shopping experience both pleasant and short.


Healthy Grocery Shopping Tips

Know What You Want

  • Spend some time planning out the meals your family will eat for the upcoming week. Check recipes if you need to so that you have all the ingredients you need.

  • Check your cupboards to see what you have on hand already so that you only buy what you really need.


Make a List, Check It Twice, and Stick to It

  • Creating an organized list of the food you need will help you stay focused and on track.

  • Buy enough food for the meals you’ve planned for the week as well as food for healthy snacks between meals.

  • Arrange your list into categories, such as fruits, vegetables, cereals, canned goods, milk products, and meats or meat alternatives. This makes shopping simple and much faster.


Have a Snack, a Nap, or a Break before shopping

  • Eat something before you head off to the grocery store to prevent impulse buying.

  • Avoid shopping when you’re hungry, tired, or short of time.


Shop alone when possible

  • If possible, leave young children or other “non-shoppers” at home.

  • If you bring your children along, let them help you. Talk about healthy food choices, and show them examples. Discuss prices, nutrition, portion sizes and whatever else may help them to become healthy grocery shoppers too one day.


Understand the Lay of the Land

  • For the most part, stick to the outer edges of the grocery store. Healthier food choices, such as fruits and vegetables, meats and dairy tend to be on the outer edges of stores.

  • Avoid the high-fat and high-sugar foods on the shelves in the centre of the store. Stay out of the chip and junk food isles all together.


Learn About Labels

  • Use food labels to see differences between similar products. Choose nutrient-rich food.

  • Use the web to learn more about using food labels to make healthy choices.