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Eating Fiber for Weight Loss

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Most people don’t think that fiber is essential to losing weight but it is . However, it doesn’t assist in the process quite the way you think it does. Here we will explain how fiber is instrumental in weight loss and how you can get the best sources of fiber.


Fiber for weight loss facts:


So where does fiber come from? Your main sources of fiber come from plants, legumes, seeds and vegetables. Many people don’t consume near enough of this stuff and have a hard time losing weight. So, it is imperative that you eat enough of the aforementioned foods and maybe a Fiber1 bar or another brand that resonates with you well.


Fiber is a substance your body can’t digest which is why it does such a great job at what it does. You see, fiber assists in weight loss in two ways. The first way is the way that most people know it to be and that is this. Most people think it is a way to just feel full. If you eat it just before a meal then you will eat less calories--still get your proper nutrition--then you lose the weight because there are less calories going in. This is a great way to lose weight, yes, but fiber works in a whole other way as well--from the inside on your body system to speed up metabolism.


The best fiber for weight loss:


Soluble fiber is fiber that you are able to break down and digest in the stomach juices. When the soluble fiber hits the digestive juices they will break down and form a jelly-like substance. The properties that some food have that causes weight gain and other health issues like fat will get absorbed and not cause the weight gain.


Fiber for weight loss sources:


  • Oat Bran
  • Legumes
  • Chia Seeds
  • Oatmeal
  • Beans


You get the basic idea here. And these are foods you can be fairly creative with too.


Soluble Fiber for weight loss:


Soluble fiber for weight loss will come mostly from fruit and veggies. If you have a hard time remembering the difference between these two types of fiber, just use the following simple test. If you can stir it in water and it dissolves it is going to do the same in your body. If you stir it in water and it falls to the bottom--it will absorb like a sponge.


Now, which is better than which? They are both equally important. The soluble fiber will dissolve and lower cholesterol and balance blood sugar as well as stave off weight gain and the other will keep you full longer and clean your gut out very well. This fiber for weight loss will keep it all in check.